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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Prayer Request

I have a very special prayer request to share with my 'blogger friends'....

Delina Stearns is a beautiful young mother to two precious children, Clay (11yrs) and Emma (6yrs), a wife to a great man and a friend to so many. She is energetic, intelligent, and dedicated to her family and career, and a Godly woman of great faith. But now she has a new title, "diagnosed with colon cancer". If you just gasped and winced, so did I...and I have known about her diagnosis for a couple of weeks now. I am sure if you had asked her a month ago what she would be doing mid October, she wouldn't have imagined surgery to remove most of her colon, flying to Texas to receive chemotherapy and radiation scheduled on her calendar. I don't want to sound grim, but in all honesty, it could be any of us on any given day. You see, Delina is not a bit different than most of the moms who read my blog. She is a young, healthy, vibrant woman with a lifetime of 'plans' that have drastically taken a different course. My heart feels so heavy for her. My heart is also crying out to God for HIS healing power and perfect love, grace, and comfort for this family during such a stressful time.

I am asking you to join me and praying for her EVERY SINGLE MORNING on your drive to work and school (or wherever you travel first thing the morning)....When you buckle your little ones in the car and double check you have everything you need to leave the house, I'm asking that you pause for a moment and pray for DELINA STEARNS. I ask that you would pray for her health and future health as she now adds something else to her 'to do' list...battling the monster of cancer. Please pray for her family. Her children need prayer. Her husband, Shane, needs prayer. I am also asking you to share her with as many people as you can. Teach your children how to pray for a Mommy who needs healing prayers and our Father's strength and support.

I am in the process of figuring out how I can raise sponsorship money through my training for the Boston Marathon to donate to Delina.

My big girls, Claire and Ellie, were praying for her yesterday after school and we decided to do a prayer walk around my school parking lot. We walked a lap and the entire time prayed for Delina and her family. Ellie said, "Can we do this everyday Mommy...?" Of course I said, "ABSOLUTELY, WE CAN"....

Delina has a caring bridge page if you would like to follow her updates. Just go to

Thank you all in advance for lifting Delina up your daily prayers. Every time you crank your car to leave home in the mornings to go about your 'normal day' again, please be in prayer for Delina.....

Thank you all so much.
Much love!