John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Friday, August 22, 2014

Spring Time Fun...

Spring has Sprung

Seaside Half Marathon....this was a "challenge" because 3 weeks prior to this race, I had just gone through a partial hysterectomy and didn't really expect to be running this race. Ir was, yet again, another beautiful journey of seeing Him work in me, far greater than I could ever work in myself. I absolutely love running. 

And the call.....that sends a Momma's heart into shear panic..."Mommy, Ellie is going to the hospital, Daddy thinks she broke her neck...on the trampoline"

5 hours later, I finally arrived (from traveling back from Seaside, FL) and literally had to catch my breath back from the moment I "lost it" in the car, riding back home, when the call came in. 

Her Becky was giving "the don't you ever do this again to your Becky" speech....
Our family is purely amazing. When it is time to pull together for one another and be strong for each other, it happens. We had chaos everywhere and I was out of town at the time it happened.
I am so very grateful for our family....even in the conflict and days of utter disaster, we have a family that runs deep roots of pure, unconditional LOVE. 

Jenna took her "caboodle" of rainbow looms to school. Her teacher deserves a crown for "best, most patient, loving, kind 1st grade teacher ever" .....Kelley Williams is a jewel. 

And of course "the BEST, most amazing, smart, witty, beautiful, crafty, cool, yank your chain if needed, third grade teacher, Mrs. Murphree"...OH what a gift this woman was for our Ellie Pate this year. Seriously, couldn't have asked for  better fit for Ellie's third grade year. 

And the joy of "chores" ....this is a precious pic because Jenna is not in her own closet doing laundry. She is in Ellie's closet hanging up her clothes because Ellie was recovering from her sprained neck injury. 

How do we love thee....let me count the ways....Ummmm, like a million. Bri Mitchell, Ellie's gymnastics coach, is so much more than a "coach" in the lives of her students. She is a mentor, a role model, another Momma figure in these girls' lives. She spend countless hours with them, training their bodies, minds, and even training them in a spiritual sense. Always supportive and they love her so much. Legacy Gymnastics has been a part of our Family, and we have been a part of theirs for five years. And it is truly a God gift. 

Spring time brings

And Dress-Up....

And SECO Optometry Conference....where Rob was named "Young Optometrist of the Year" for the country....WOW! SO very proud of Daddy and all he has done in his career. 

"AOA Young OD of the Year"

Sweet Frog date!

6 months old Crazy GUSSER!
We love GUS, but this dog needs to learn some no jumping, no biting, no chewing shoes...LOL

Claire and Haley....just being silly. 

Best BUDS...these two are so precious together..Ellie and Jillian..
they have a very unique friendship!

Sweet friends...Jenna and Hannah Grace. 

SEC Gymnastics Tournament

Daddy bought us a Vitamix! Whoooohooo

Green Power Punch...Yummy

Congrats to Daddy. Young Optometrist of the Year!

Big James and Lil James...

Papa teaching James how to fish!

I love my family. Really I do. 

This always makes us laugh...

Springtime was great. We enjoyed some spectacular times together. Our family made many, many sweet memories together. We find ourselves looking back at how quickly time truly passes by. The seasons just seem to drift by so quickly. Thank you Jesus for the blessing of a family to live each day along with, journeying through the good times and the bad.