John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Monday, October 15, 2012


"Mommy, I love you and you da best!"
This picture was after church as I was telling him about the verse on his shirt...Psalm 66:5 "Come see the miracles God performs for His people"...and then I made sure he knew that he was a complete MIRACLE!

John David getting ready for his hernia surgery...asking me why his 'brudder' was not having "shur-gery"

Big muscles...He said when the nurse came to get him he was going to use his super powers to fly outta here!

Happy because I told him if he would settle down and RELAX, he would earn Yogurt Twist after we left the hospital! 

This look says it all...WHAT THE CRAP! Nurse brought JD a coloring book.

Warmed up to Nurse after she told him he could go see the "bubble wall" if he promised to stop screaming and kicking at her:-)

Mommy completely crying here saying good bye to her lil dude as he is holding his NICU bear.

Pitiful...made me sad:-(

Asked John David what I could get for him and he said, "Just a peanut butter and a poon"

Both of my patients...John David recovering from hernia surgery and Daddy healing from foot injury/surgery.
I was having a hard day, a really hard evening...went for a quick run around the neighborhood and God brought me to this at the end...I was refreshed and renewed in His beauty. 

worn out...and yes, he still has his NICU bear with him...

Visit from Mississippi family. Uncle Larry and Uncle Carey and Aunt Carla...such  sweet, special folks!

Auburn Saturdays around here constitute reason to make unhealthy food and indulge once in a while...

Yep, chocolate chunk cookie on the bottom, Reese cup in the middle and fudge brownie on top...#sinful

War Eagle!

Hanging out with precious friends!

So proud of this one. She is definitely in middle school now...notice how few pics I have of her:-( Good thing I have millions from the first 8 years of her life...LOL! Now we snuggle on the cough and study math on the weekends. I love her to pieces and am so very proud of her "advance math" placement and effort trying to succeed in a harder level course!

Out of control...yep, just  another normal morning around here. On our way to "kool", aka school, for the boys' first morning at pre-school!

I have to admit, this made me a teensy bit sad. Hard to see them growing up. But so blessed to witness God's ever continuing miracle in their lives. 

I could eat them.

Claire asked me to take a picture of her room clean because it "TOOK FOREVER!"  LOL!

after our nightly devotional....she was giddy about taking a scorpian to school the next day...

Spending lunch time with this firecracker makes my heart sing joyous. There is nothing quite like walking into the lunchroom to surprise her. 

Can I please have her biceps!? GEEZ!

Girls cheering...Nana hanging with the boys! Sweet picture. 

They always walk in off the bus in the afternoons and tell me how "thankful" they are to have Mommy home making them a "special sampler" for snack. It does my heart good to be able to love on them like this. I have never been able to do this, so it is such a treat for me too. Counting them all as gifts!

Weekend! Love watching and listening to them all jump together and play on a beautiful fall morning. 

NUFF SAID! Look at their faces...pure happy and joy!

They would do this ALL day...I am just going to savor the moments while I have them. They are growing up way too fast and I know 'this too shall pass'...

Waiting for bus Monday morning...making the best of it!

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Beautiful! C-Bear, Heart of Gold and Selfless!

Sass and Sweet, Spunk and Spice!

Witty and Wise beyond her years!

Ending the month with a "box" from Becky and Rosey...Full of tomatoes, and Lebanese Bread. When they opened it, all five screamed YAY..and then started demanding their bread.... one with butter only, one plain, two with peanut butter and jelly and one with plain peanut butter (not the healthy kind)...ALL AT THE SAME TIME....and all I could do was....

Our family endured a tough month in August with Daddy's injury. We are all so grateful this month was a month of healing and restoration of Daddy's health. All kids are doing well in school. Everyone seems to be very well adjusted to the new routines. We are thankful each day that our Heavenly Father fills us up with His love and grace and guides us through our days and nights.

I would however, like to ask you guys to pray specifically for a beautiful baby girl named Halle Scott...She was born five months ago at 1 lb... Halle Scott  has endured such a long hard road to healing in her fragile little body. Her lungs and heart are still pretty sick. She is doing so wonderful compared to where her 1lb body started from. She just recently had to go back on Cpap machine because she got a virus and became pretty sick with fever, high heart rate, etc.  I just ask that you guys lift her up to our great Physician in request for complete healing and strength for her body, mind, spirit and soul. Her mom's name is Amy and she has been such an inspiration with her Faith through it all. Please pray for her also. Thank you all so much.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pate Family 2012

We recently had family pictures taken. This is the video that our most wonderful, precious photographer, Shannon Ray Layton (Studio 19) created for us. I am so thankful for her God given gift and diligent work because she is able to capture our crazy family each year in the "season" we are in!

The song that plays through the video, is our current "family song" ...The kids play it on the Ipad all the time, and sing along with it. Hearing the lyrics fill my heart and help me strive to "live like that" even though the days sometimes seem so heavy burdened and exhausting...I know Gal. 6:9 tells me "Not to grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap what we sow!"

May each of you have a blessed day.