John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Saturday, November 26, 2011

"Thankful"...just not a big enough word for my heart!

It was only 3 years ago, that I lay in a hospital bed, praying and hoping for the Thanksgiving that I could be home with my family, healthy and happy, enjoying the simple things in life. I have to say, reminiscing of the time prior to the birth of the boys, brings a flood of emotions back. I am so grateful, forever thankful, for the undeserving blessing God showered upon the Pate family. We will never forget.

(Brookwood Hospital Perinatal Unit, room 227, November 24, 2008)

Thanksgiving this year was incredible. Beck Beck and Ro Ro spent the week here with us. It is amazing how much we did in 7 days, just as it is amazing how fast the time went by. Our hearts are so full of "thankfulness" to have had the special time with them. The many pictures I took will help refresh our memory when time takes us away from the season. Our hearts ached this morning as we said goodbye, but we focus on the fun times and look forward to 'next time'.....

This would be the FIRST THANKSGIVING I have had in my own home with my family as an adult. Rob and I have been married for 12 years and never had "Thanksgiving" at our home. Thankful that Dad and Rose were here to cook our meal...Not sure if oatmeal or egg wraps would have been etiquette...bahahaha!

OH YUMMY....grape leaves, homemade hummus, tabouli, turkey, sweet potato, broccoli casserole (made with greek yogurt and feta), and a loaf of whole wheat lebanese bread:-) THANK YOU BECKY AND ROSEY!

Whole Wheat Lebanese bread chips...SO GOOD!

Coloring with my big girls during nap time.

James said, "I no yike da punkin pie, I yike da yemon pie"

ATLANTA HALF MARATHON! Rob and I have started a tradition together.....running the Atl. Half each year on Thanksgiving Day...

Atlanta Half Marathon....Great job Daddy! Finished in 1hr 58min....

Pictures from our family gathering at Papa and Mamaw's house...

"Give Beck Beck a kiss!"


Absolute LOVE!

Papaw with the boys...

Hours of fun here...playing on Mamaw's IPad..making goofy faces with photo booth ap!

Seriously, could the kid cram his finger up his nose any further...!?!?!

Sam and James rocking in Mamaw's rocking chair wearing Papa's hats!

Here are some more pics from our week.

Playing outside...finding worms, taking down trampoline (Claire's first trampoline Becky bought her 8 years ago:-(....LOTS of memories on that one!)


Becky's helper for the day....hey, what a minute, shouldn't you be in SCHOOL!!!

Well, as the old saying goes..."All good things must eventually come to an end..."

I savor the memories, the pictures and videos, the stories and 'remember whens' because at the end of our time here on this Earth, the time we invested with our families and each other will carry on....long after we are gone!

Take time to love those you love. Be grateful for what you have. I know I am.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Yes, we are crazy. Yes, we loaded up all the kids and took them to AU. No, we didn't take them all into the game....we might be crazy, but we aren't insane! HA! Yes, they we walked all over creation (aka campus) enjoying all the traditions of AU football day!

It was a wonderful, exhausting, comical at times, memorable, nerve rattling, heart melting, kind of day! I am so proud to share with my children the history of AU traditions from the days their daddy played there until now.

Here are some pics from our weekend!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

And 1st place goes to......CLAIRE PATE

Just wanted to share Claire's cheer competition video with our friends and family. She worked hard and we are super proud of her. God receives glory for all the good we ever do, so tonight after the performance I asked Claire if she thanked Him for His protection and provision in her life. She said, "It was the first thought in my mind this morning when my feet hit the floor and the first thought when I grabbed that huge 1st place trophy!"....I love that my children are seeing His hand in their lives. I pray for her to always point every success directly back to Him and give praise and honor where it is deserved to go. I pray she will use her talents to draw others to Him and share His love with others.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halloween--better late than never!






For three days, the Pate kids Halloween partied themselves to a new level of sugary high! Friday evening we enjoyed a festival on behalf of the City of was a blast and the kids arrived home with entirely too much candy (already to began the Halloween weekend)...and then on Saturday, our elementary school had a fall festival, so even more sweet treats, face paint, cake walks, craft tables, inflatables, etc. To top it off, Sunday we had yet another fall festival at our church. Tons of fun...until JAMES DANIEL GOT LOST....OMG, not an experience I care to ever have again. He was stuck in between the blow-up inflatables and surely couldn't be seen or heard...and then yet again, Monday afternoon, we had to go trick-or-treating...because every kid MUST trick-or-treat ON HALLOWEEN...right?!?!! Needless to say, we have rotten teeth and have gained 5 lbs each in snicker bars!


BUT, I am SO THANKFUL, SO VERY, VERY, VERY THANKFUL to have enjoyed the weekend with our five, healthy, happy, thriving children!