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James Daniel Pate-3years old

Monday, June 17, 2013

Becky and Rosey...FINALLY moved to Alabama!

We are completely thrilled to finally have my dad and stepmom living here in Alabama with us. They have always had to enjoy moments with our family on two vacation trips a year...and A LOT of face time throughout the remaining parts of the year. They decided to move to Alabama and now have more than enough opportunity to enjoy family time with us as we all watch these Lil Sprouts grow up. The kids are truly excited to have them here and we are grateful to have them a part of our daily lives as well. Family truly is more important than much else in life...aside from our relationship with the one true King and our work for His Kingdom, spending time and investing in each others' lives as a family is a true gift....I choose not to take it for granted. I count it as a gift each day I am afforded to spend it with them.

Here are a few pics with "Becky and Rosey" as they have moved back to Alabama!

Memories in May

The month of May is always a busy time of year. End of the year celebrations and preparations for summer keep us going full speed. Spring sports and family gatherings are always a blessing to behold as well. We are thankful for our family and the memories we make each month.

Jenna, James and John David all participated in soccer for the first time. It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed watching them run after soccer balls and ultimately score for the opposing team...LOL!

Claire completed her fifth season of softball and made the Oak Mt All-Stars team for the third consecutive year. We are super proud of her for all of her hard work and discipline  Our family always enjoys spending evenings at the ballpark. The sand pile, orange dirt, rocks and softballs that entertain all of our children become more of a blessing each year to me. I realize this time is fleeting and one day there will be no more ballpark evenings. Our ballpark family is special to us and we savor the memories we make with them each year.

Ellie made the competitive gymnastics team at Legacy this month. She is thrilled to be moving up with the "big girls"....we are extremely proud of her effort and determination. Summer workouts are three days a week for 3 1/2 hours. She is becoming quite buff to say the least! LOL!

Hanging out on the tailgate watching the boys play soccer! It was raining and we were all freezing...bundled up together! It was a sweet moment to capture.

And the rest of the cheering section! LOL!

James Daniel catching a ride back to the car...He said he legs were tired from running too much!

Our three soccer stars!

Mrs. Bri coming to watch the boys' last game. She is a precious friend to our family. The boys think she is related to us. We love her like family!

My dad was sound asleep...the boys were crawling all over him...He didn't budge. Too funny!

Boys working hard in the yard like their "Becky" does....lil Mose Howas for sure!

Last week of school....patio snack time was one of our favorites after school in the afternoons!

Could eat her up....sweet lil Jenna Kat!

Too grown...too fast!

Watching their Becky cut shrubs in the back yard!

Visiting Ellie's second grade class to see their baby chicks....real live hatched baby chicks. 

Mother's Day Tea with my Jenna Boo in her first grade classroom. So special to be able to spend that time with her. She was thrilled to "serve me tea and cake" and share her special Mommy book with me. Made me cry--of course!

Mother's Day...this was a special time for the kids to have with Granny Rosey. We are very thankful they have moved  to Alabama so we can celebrate special times with them in person...not just on Face Time!

Swimming for Mother's Day just seems ever so appropriate! LOL!

I am a proud Momma of these Five Blessings!

Ending Mother's Day piled up on the sofa watching home videos together with Papa and Mamaw. It was a beautiful end to my Mother's Day!

Lil Miss Gymnast. Ellie got her team warm-up suit! She was SO happy!

In the dirt with Becky's tools....Picture worth a thousand words!

Hanging out with her Becky. She said, "I sure missed those days of just us. And now he is back!"

Special Olympics eye screenings...this was our was an awesome day to serve together. Good job Dr. Rob!

Just a lil gas station stop on the way back from Special Olympics. 

The famous Mrs. Melodie....Boys love her like another momma! So thankful for her love and teachings in their lives. True gift for sure!

Took a break in the day to stop at the general store to have a snack. Then we prayed around the flag pole for our military. 

Playing with Becky...trucks and loaders!

Visiting old friends at OMES...this was Jenna's first best friend. Cannon and Jenna started daycare together at Ms Lee's when they were 4 months old. Now they remain good friends and we miss them immensely...

Ellie and a life long friend, Emma Kate! We truly miss this precious one and are thankful God united  our families many years ago. 

Mrs. Ronda...with four of the five!

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Ellie's Baptism

So many moments we remember while raising our children. None compare thought to the moment your child receives their salvation through the believing and accepting of Jesus Christ. It sounds so cliche nowadays, but truly it is a moment of sweet surrender. Ellie has been very inquisitive over the last 6 months about her faith. Asking lots of questions. Even some that I had to give the "let's go ask Daddy that one"...Lol... As she worked through months of wondering and questions, she eventually had her moment. It is a moments we can't plan for them. I knew it was coming but just didn't know when or where. Of course when the Holy Spirit speaks, you listen.

 Rob and I were actually discussing an issue we were having with our oldest daughter. It was late into the evening. Everyone was already sound asleep.. Ellie was getting out of the shower and she rushed down dripping water everywhere. She rounded the corner kind of abruptly and said, "I need to talk to right now if that is okay..." She teared up and said, "I need to tell you something. I have been thinking and tonight I just know I am ready to get baptised...I am ready to do it and just know I want to." Rob said, "Okay, let's talk about it." as I (of course) began to cry myself.

Hearing your child come to a place in their life of accepting their salvation in Jesus has to be the greatest moment other than their physical birth. It truly is the best Momma moment, to know they have found their belief and acceptance in the gift of salvation. My children have 70 scripture verses memorized, and I can teach them all day about Jesus. One thing I can't do, however, is force them into their own salvation. Seeing the pieces line up for Ellie and watching her go through it all was a beautiful gift for Rob and me. I am thankful that on April 21, 2013....8 years from the day of her Earthly birth, she was born again...into her spiritual birth! Like she told Pastor Adam when he met with her prior to the baptism, "I know that I will go under the water and it is just a picture of how Jesus washes the sin parts of me and my life and makes me clean through God's eyes when He looks at me through Jesus....that is what Jesus did for me when He chose to die for me"

April 21, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Ellie Bug!

Headed down the the Loveliest Village on the Plains! 

Snack time! BOOM CHICKA POP!

Toomer's Corner!

We have several pics at this sad that this will be the last one with the Toomer's tree:-(

Lots of memories here at this tree....thankful for them all. 

I absolutely LOVE this picture!


Niffer's pic....looking like a few little sorority girls! LOL!

Happy Birthday Ellie! YUMMY HOT FUDGE CAKE!

gifts on the car ride...she just couldn't wait!

So fun....

Making duct tape pens....

So Ellie spent her 8th birthday enjoying everything she loves. Best friends, at an Auburn game, eating out at a Niffers and playing outside till dark! She is such a unique child. We are lucky to call her our daughter. I look forward to seeing all the remarkable plans God has in store for her life.

Happy 8th Birthday Ellie Brooklyn Pate!