John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The past two months have been very challenging for our family. Rob was injured August 11th and has just begun to heal. After multiple doctors, x-rays, MRI, and many trips into his internist to treat infection with very strong antibiotics, and finally a surgery to re-open all three wounds and dispose of necrotic tissue and more pieces of mulch, bark, and grass...the true healing of his flesh has begun.

 I just want all of you guys to know that your prayers for our family and his healing are being heard by our Father. When we go to the Father in prayer, it is for a purpose. Generally we are pleading and begging for something we feel is out of our reach and unable to be attained by our efforts. Whether it is asking God for healing of the sick or wounded, direction in what choice to make in life at a crossroads, strength to endure the hard stuff life throws at us..even the plea to "fix" our children or spouse...whatever the prayer is, generally we are asking for God to perform for us. So here is what God has taught me through my prayer life over the course of Rob's injury.

I have learned to pray continually, in thanksgiving, praise Him for ALL of it. Bring Him EVERYTHING we are struggling with. God doesn't just want us to repeat the same verse in ritualistic tone to Him. He doesn't want us knocking down the golden gates in prayer when we need Him to desperately fix a situation. He wants ALL of us, ALL the time. I have learned to counts gifts that aren't bought, but gifts of gratitude for WHO He is in my life.

TO KNOW HIM MORE....whether He performs or not....the proof is already there! HIS word is full of proof that HE IS IN CONTROL. What makes it all so hard, is the submission to HIS WILL not our own. But there is also a great peace in submitting to Him. Letting go of the control factor invites us to live fully for Him and quench our thirst for what it is we truly want...complete unconditional love, security and purpose. 

The inconvenience of Rob's injury showed me the selfishness in my own spirit. Not that I didn't love to take care of him, because I did, not to mention it was heart wrenching to see him in so much pain, but after a week or so, I prayed "Lord heal him, I need some help around here....5 kids are SO demanding and I am ready to be able to do something for my "self" during the day."   It was only when I would pray for the Spirit to fill me, that I could die to my "self" and serve him with compassion and love and not bitterness.. Rob was always so appreciative for everything I did for him. Our marriage became stronger through another "life trial" and we enjoyed being together day and night (because without me, he couldn't go the bathroom:-)))) 

Watching Rob endure this pain, opened my eyes again to the suffering of Christ even more. I saw a "really good guy" who was trying to do "a really good deed" get seriously injured resulting in "puncture wounds to his feet"....In my mind I though, how pitiful is this situation. Rob is trying to do something good and ends up really hurt Sounds a little familiar doesn't it....A PERFECT MAN, TRYING TO SAVE OUR SOULS, WITH NAILS THROUGH HIS FEET.....

My prayer life has completely changed through all of this...again! I find myself in constant prayer (speaking to Him) throughout my day. .I am shamed that my prayer life hasn't been more about getting to know Him, really understanding more of who He is. I realize trying to understand God would be about as effective as a gnat drinking the Atlantic Ocean...just not even reasonable. But knowing His word and learning the character of God, builds in me a desire to Know Him more....and that is truly our purpose KNOW HIM, really truly KNOW HIM.

Healing will come...sometimes it is spiritual healing and sometimes it is physical healing. Our purpose in life is to know Him, truly know Him. When we go through a tough season in life, handling the misfortunes we feel are brought to us, we grow closer to Him. It seems obvious that we depend on Him to pull us out of our worst state of being, but I have learned that many gifts are presented during those "worst times"....So I will trust Him through it all. 

I have the boys' miraculous story to serve as a constant reminder of my Faith in the Almighty God and His plan for my life. The God who figured out how all the planets could orbit the Sun at the same time and not crash into each other would be the same God that chose our family for miracle twin boys, and even the same God that chose very carefully the injury to my precious, beloved, husband's feet.... that taught me, yet another lesson in "dying to self".... Lord empty me of me and fill me with You! 

Saturday, September 8, 2012


As much as I hate to set my blog to private, it seems as though I am going to be forced to do so. I have recently had some very "unfriendly" activity and need to set my blog to private. I would love to still share "life" with you guys, so please send me your email address with your name so I can send you an invite.


August 2012

Ellie and Jenna at their new school,  meeting their teachers for the first time! They were just a teensy bit excited!!!

Jenna grinning from ear to ear just waiting on her teacher....

Kindergarten teacher, Ms.Civacho...She calls her students "Ms. Civacho's Dear Hearts"

Headed down the hallway to Ellie's classroom, and of course it is on the hallway named, "Brainy Boulevard"...LOL!

Ellie's 2nd grade teacher, Mrs.Galbraith. Ellie said, "Oh my goodness Mommy, she is amazing, she loves food and art JUST LIKE ME!"

Jenna and her best bud, Hannah Grace. 

I sure love this precious 2nd grader!

Greystone Elementary will never be the same!!!!

Back to school shopping...Bath and Body Works and new shoes. That is pretty much all you need to start school....according to these two girls! When I asked them about needing some new blue jeans, they both said, "not necessary"

Taking boys to YMCA with me, and they insisted on bringing the umbrellas that Nana bought them, just in case it rained or their were some mean witches they needed to shield themselves from!

Waiting on Nana to answer the door. This was their first visit to  Nana and Howard's house since they got married and moved into their new house. James in on the right and JD is on the left!

Jag Day. Coach Claire with her lil sister!

My favorite Jag cheerleader! 

Pictures like these fill me up. 

Claire's back to school shopping trip was pretty short and sweet. She only needed a piece of Vera Bradley to start school. Didn't ask for ANYTHING else. Although it did take 45 min. for her to decide, once she made her selection, she was absolutely thankful and we both left smiling:-)

Yogurt Twist is always a MUST when the two of us have special time together. 


11 years old. 6th grade!

7 years old. 2nd grade!

5 years old. Kindergarten!

Girls taking a picture with Daddy. He was still bandaged and unable to walk from his "accident" at the pool. 

Bus stop!

She broke in line to be the first one on the bus!

And they return from their first day of school....all smiles:-)

And Claire makes it home from her first day of Middle School happy as a lark, grabs her cell  phone and  that is the end of that.....

August was a memorable month. We had a surprise visit from Becky and Rosey, spent many days swimming and spent lazy days together, and started new schools.

This month also involved a terrible accident with Rob. The afternoon before my dad and Rosey left to fly back to Utah, we were lounging around our neighborhood pool, when a car proceeded to hit a little girl. We heard the hit and a little girl screaming....seconds later, Rob had jumped over the pool fence to reach the little girl. Problem: he was barefoot and landed in some nicely pruned shrubs. Branches pierced his feet, one of which lacerated to the bone. It was pretty much the worse, miserable amount of pain I have ever seen my precious husband in. My heart just broke watching him in the ER. He received nearly 40 stitches. It took over an hour to irrigate and clean out the gravel, grass and filth from both of his feet.  It has been nearly a month since his injury. MANY ups and downs. He has battled through enormous pain, discomfort, bed ridden, wheel chair,  infections and just plain ole frustrations. I want to heal his feet for him so badly. I pray ALL THE TIME for the healing in his feet to happen quickly and perfectly. God has been in the details of all of this and we are ever so thankful. So many beautiful, selfless individuals have reached out to help us in so many ways, humbled and uplifted by so many.

I would like to ask my dedicated, loving blog followers to please lift up my husband and pray for immaculate healing in his feet. I will never be able to thank you guys for praying over him. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Becky and Rosey's Visit to Alabama

Guess who we are waiting for.....

TA-DA! "It's my Becky!!!"

Well, what do you think? Excited faces or what!?!?

He is hugging her as tightly as she is hugging him! This is John David. First question he asked her, "Rosey, did you bring your pajamas!"

James Daniel waiting for Becky's luggage!

Lebanese bread...OH YEAH !

Going out for lunch!

Jenna was so happy to have Rosey listen to her read her bedtime books! Precious memories.

Rob asking Dad which cigar he wants. And then deep discussion about the different types of cigars in Rob's collection. 


Double the trouble but Double the LOVE!

Family swim time.....we had such a great time. Times like these are what life is all about. Sharing fun and love together with family!

LOVE John David's face in this picture. He is  a goofball!

Jenna massaging Mommy's feet. Felt oooh so fabulous!

Rosey's turn!

Becky showing John David how to paint his name. 

Rosey took the girls for a little shopping spree. They all received new books, a few surprises and a DQ ice-cream treat!

Taking a break from installing screen doors and pressure washing the patio!

James making a sad face...

James making a silly face!

Middle School she really in MIDDLE SCHOOL!

Very scary moment here...My dad was rushed to the hospital after having heart attack symptoms one evening. 

And of course once the nurses got him stable and settled, and it appeared to not be a heart attack. , I had to take a pic! And pictures are worth a thousand words right?!?! LOL! I sure love this man, and he makes me laugh every single day!

The whole family helping Claire decorate her locker for 6th grade!

Girls were going to visit Becky in the hospital, so we had to take them some delicious Ruby Tuesday's dinner! Apparently he didn't care for the low sodium chicken broth and apple juice they serve at Brookwood!

Jenna telling Becky all about her baby doll. 

This pictures makes me LAUGH and even tear up a little bit. Jenna took the wheel chair ride and Becky is telling this nurse all about his miracle grandsons. Showing her a picture of them on his phone. 

Good Morning?!?

Tubing down the Cahaba. This picture brings back LOTS of memories...we had a blast, but I left with a HUGE bruise on my shin, and BUTTOCKS from crashing into some major rocks!

Claire and her BFF Anna! These two girls have been through some major life buds for many years. Now they don't see each other as often because Claire moved schools. We love her like our own!

Headed to the pool for one last swim before Becky and Rosey leave!

Absolute joy right here folks! Heart full of joy watching these two guys swim all by themselves. 

Talking to each other about sharing some goldfish....*sigh* LIFE is so simple!

The worst part of Becky and Rosey visiting is saying good bye:-(

BUT.....the BEST part of saying good by this time, is waiting a few more months until ......

Needless to say, we are all very ecstatic about their decision to move back to Alabama. One thing for sure I know, the more life I live, the more I realize that sharing "life" together with your family is what it's all about! Watching my children grow up with grandparents that are involved in their lives, fills my heart with such happiness. I have many friends who have already said good bye to one or both parents, leaving their children without grandparents. I am so grateful for all the moments, memories and treasured time my children have had with their grandparents.

Becky and Rosey....We love you and miss you to the millions and more! Can't wait to have yall down the road instead of half way across the country!

And by the way, every single time the boys see an airplane, or a big 18 wheeler, they say, "Look Mommy, it is Becky and Rosey, let me go catch them!"