John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Friday, August 23, 2013

Family BEACH Trip...

Our annual family Beach trip to Destin was absolutely wonderful. This year we were fortunate enough to have Rob's mom and dad join us, so the kids got double dosed with all the goodies of a vacation! We had beautiful weather and enjoyed our days of sun and sand to the fullest. The kids loved having "Vera's Kitchen" (aka Mamaw's cooking) for breakfast each morning. The boys rode race cars with Papa and Daddy. The girls and I had a day of a "walking road trip" when we walked to the gas station from the beach and purchased a bunch of "junk food" and had just Mommy and girls beach time. We jumped waves in an inflatable boat for at least an hour and then vegged out on the sand, eating Jolly Rancher chews, diet coke and Air Heads. Boys went to the fishing pier with their daddy and Mamaw and Papa. Nothing tops the memory of "Captain Daves"...the WORST seafood restaurant experience we have ever had. Beautiful memories like that just flood my mind as I sit her and reflect over our week at Destin. I can't stop smiling and laughing in my heart just remembering it all. Very grateful heart.
Nothing like waking up and heading STRAIGHT to the BEACH!

In Mamaw and Papa's van...literally woke up 20 min before heading out on the road....sleepy but SO excited!



Not even checked into our condo yet, and kids are already in the pool! This is a traditional spot for them each year. 

I love my Claire Bear, and I am crazy over the fact that she is completely growing up so fast!!!

I took this picture right after the words "REMEMBER YOU HAVE A CHOICE, BE KIND AND PLAY TOGETHER OR BE UNKIND AND DON'T PLAY!!!" They chose to hold hands...LOL!

Patio time with Papa

Handstanding on the sand! Really the girl handstands everywhere though...I probably have a hundred pics like this one all over the earth!

My girls are growing up...I started taking this kind of pic when Claire was Jenna's age and Jenna was in a baby seat!


Playing in the sand with Daddy....and this is a perfect example of a loving, selfless father (doesn't like to play in sand at all but loves to play with his sons) so therefor he "plays in the sand" ...LOL 

Handstanding on the beach....or trying too! LOL

Momma Bear still got it! Whoo hoo baby...

"Mommy caught me a hermit crab!"

Dinner time....who needs fancy overpriced salads at the Whale's Tail....Momma Bear can make a fabulous bowl of greens and goods!

Jenna saying good night to her "sweet lil crusty, crab"
She named her "Crystal" from Crystal Beach...

CANDY CRUSH  with Dad!

now that is some GOOOOOD sleepin!

LOVE this lil grin



Laughed so hard watching and listening to the kids swim with Mamaw. Such fun!


My LOVE....

The handsome Men in my life:-)

Jenna Kat

I love early Mornings with my Claire Bear....she is NOT a morning girl!


Rob and I also celebrated our Anniversary while at the beach. 14 years of a beautiful marriage, that only our Creator is responsible for. Rob and I couldn't take the credit for our success in our marriage, because we are too selfish and broken as humans. We have to credit to the One who SUSTAINS us, through all the facets of life. I can honestly say I love him more now than I ever have, and I pray daily that the love we have is protected and preserved through our Lord Jesus as "life" continues on.

 Thanking God on this beautiful morning for so many gifts in my husband being my first!
14 years ago we took a picture like this in Cancun Mexico on our honeymoon. We were so young and dumb...but SO in love and still are today!

THE BEST MEAL....EVER! So yummy. We will definitely return to the Marina Cafe!

And so the end of our week, as Momma Bear always wants to do, we took family pictures. Here are a few of the best ones...No way would we have these fantastic pics without our fantastic photographers...Papa and Mamaw!!

Our family prayer we say each morning before school and work:
"Thank you Lord for this day. Help us God obey your ways. In all we say and all we do, help us serve and honor You. Help us learn from our mistakes, please Bless our Family. We love you, The Pates"

1, 2, 3....TEAM PATE
 (This family is totally a team effort...)

Wind was out of control...we were laughing so hard, trying to get everyone looking at the camera in the split second the wind was not gusting around us...And John David couldn't stop loving on was funny!

NO CAPTION...Think she is ALL DONE with the family pics...HHAHA!

Learned how to chicken fight in the pool so they wanted to try in on the sand. Goofy lil guys.
 They keep us laughing!

That's my girl Jenna, side planks on the sand like Momma! LOL!

Natural smiles are the best!

In no way, will I ever feel that I deserve these precious souls. I thank God daily for allowing me the journey of "Motherhood"...I thank Him for each of these kids. They are all so uniquely different and have a perfect place etched into our family. I mention our family as a "team" so often, but it truly is what defines us. Our ship only sails when all the sailors are aboard. And definitely having a "Captain" that guides us and directs us along life's journey. Some day, Momma Bear feels like the ship might sink, and other days it is sailing on serene, calm seas. Whatever comes our way, we honor Him with our lives, and humble ourselves in His grace and mercy.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for family and relationship in life. I thank you for the memorable times you allow us as a family to build with one another on vacations. I thank you for the  protection of your hands on our family. I thank you for the lessons you teach me daily in how to submit my ways unto your will. I pray blessing and favor over each of my children and especially over my husband, Rob. In your Son's name, I honor You and ask these things.