John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Saturday, March 16, 2013

February....ummmm WHERE DOES TIME GO!

Seriously can't believe I never posted anything for February. I have to be honest, I don't even remember February....had to look at pics to see what we were doing as a family in February. LOL! So yes, after looking over the month of pictures, I now remember the crazy days, full of so many sweet, small moments as well as the big ones....which is exactly why I take hundreds of pictures and continue to keep up with our blog. Memories that are measured by the heartbeats that create them. We are completely in awe of the graciousness of our Lord. So thankful for our crazy little family.

Donut dates with Mommy on Thursday mornings before we go to school!

Jenna is such a good big sister to her little brothers. She will play monster mask, legos, "house" or whatever they want to do. Even pirates and motorcycles if they ask her to. Precious love between them. 

Claire was nominated for Student of the Month at her school. We are so super proud of her for such an awesome honor. First year at a new school is hard, and she has excelled. Very, VERY proud of our sweet Claire Bear!

Old desk was given to us from a friend. Ellie chose a "few colors" and  wah-la! It is her very own desk. She was thrilled!

I absolutely NEVER tire of finding them like this. Makes me pause and truly give thanks for their sweet little lives.

Movie night in Mommy and Daddy's bed. LOVE these nights and so thankful for each of these souls!

Donuts for Dads at CASA!

Rosey sent us an Apple Pie (in the mailbox) and we were so excited! Started jumping around, shouting!

Ellie preparing for her big debut on the school news! 

Playing outside on a gorgeous weather day after we arrived home from school. 

Yogurt Twist with Ellie and her buddy. Fun date with just Mommy and her best buddy!

Jenna earned a special date night with just Mommy and Daddy. She chose the Galleria and Build a Bear!

Meet Lizzy! Lizzy is a Penguin with a bow tie that is dressed in sassy girl pajamas! And for those of you who know the "penguin story" this makes us laugh because she said, "I gotta have that Penguin, it looks so adorable!!!" LOL! LOL! LOL!

Fun times at school with her bestfriend!

Another "date night" with a different kid. Claire and I journeyed to the "Wet Seal" ...apparently a popular department store among teens today. I was impressed with the buy a shirt and get one for a penny! 

Finally! Desk in the bedroom and art materials are now EVERYWHERE!!!

When did she grow up! Oh I remember the days of pancakes and Barney. Now we have big girl  conversations and share mascara instead of pancakes and Barney! Wow....Time really does go by so fast!

I love, that I still LOVE this man. Very thankful for him. 

One word....PRICELESS!!!!!

spinning around and around and around, and then we all laugh watching them try to walk straight! SO FUNNY!

Valentines Day!

Valentines Cards from Mamaw and Papa...found them on the back porch steps. 

Claire had a softball game. Ellie and Jenna made Daddy a special dinner and waited up until 9pm to make sure to give it to him. After re-warming it twice. Daddy didn't care. We love these moments. 

Ellie (aka Little Red Riding Hood) performed for her 2nd grade class and had two cute little woodsmen as her "props"....BONUS POINTS! Lol!

Special memory....My LAST FULL marathon. Mercedes.....for Jenna Kat!

Pic with Jenna in front of the "prize" for the winner of the marathon. She asked me if I was going to win it for her. 

Valentine Dinner date night with Daddy and his girls. a week or two late, but still just as special!

So thankful God protected my body, spirit mind and soul through all the training of the full marathons. It feel great to have that goal completed and now finished.

Five full medals for my five children. Three Mercedes for the girls and two Bostons for the boys. 

She is a doll. Rubbing my feet after running 26.2 miles. 

gymnastics practice....look at their hands. too cute!


Very proud of Claire for making the Jr High cheer squad at her new school. She worked hard. Still blows my mind that I now have a Jr High cheerleader, as I vividly remember my cheering days, and it sure doesn't seem that long ago. #gettingold

Ellie had a special weekend with Mommy and Daddy....AUBURN GYMNASTICS meet. And then we spend the night at Hampton Inn. She was so giddy and grateful!

Just being goofy...cause that is exactly how this girl is....

Hot Chocolate in the "big ole hotel squishy bed"...