John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Sunday, March 29, 2009

First trip to CHURCH!

Ready for church...on we go!

Well from my post title I guess you have figured out that we ventured out to church today. Wow, what a busy morning. We began the process of "getting ready" at 7:00am, in order to make it to 11:00 service. Feed a kid, burp a baby, bathe a kid, dress a kid, soothe a baby, breastfeed two babies, shower, break up a fight, re-dress a kid (JENNA), soothe a baby, wake a husband, dress myself, hair, make-up, gather up all the CRAP scattered about while I was getting ready, dishes in the sink, snacks packed, diaper bag ready, pump and pump bottles, thawed milk, and.... WE'RE OFF!

We decided to visit a Sunday school class today as well...I guess attending church just wasn't enough venture so we met a small group today, a great group of people in Jay and Courtney Turner's small group. God works in such cool ways. My sorority counselor and Tigerette President from Auburn is in this class. The nice lady who checked me out at the Birmingham Moms of Multiples consignment sale is in this class. She and her husband have twin daughters. The group is small but growing and we are excited to visit them again next weekend.

After church we gathered at Jay's house for a BBQ. A little challenging because we didn't know anyone, the girls were starving and of course needed help getting their plates,drinks etc. TWO babies were an hour past feeding time, so I had to pump two bottles on the way there so Rob and I could each feed one BEFORE we ate. However, everything went very well. Better than expected if you ask me. The only glitch was when we heard Jenna yell, "Oh my toe Daddy!" and noticed that she had 5 splinters buried in her foot. I swear with 5 kids you almost expect SOMETHING to happen at the top of each hour. By 1:00, all kids were fed, playing kindly with one another, I had some good ole socialization with adults (moms with kids) and the sun was shining. We headed home in time to put the little ones down for naps, Rob and Claire played softball in the yard, I actually laid down on the couch to rest. Then 5:00pm, we all piled up in the van once again and on to Softball pictures for Claire....(can't imagine when all 5 are involved in something!)

Great weekend of family time (always my favorite) and busy, busy, busy as usual.

SO thankful and forever grateful for our miracle babies. They are doing wonderfully. You sure couldn't tell that James had surgery last Tuesday. The kid has been such a trooper. Completely healed, can't hardly see the incision marks. John David is blowing up like a Puffalump..he is so squishy and starting to get FAT ROLLS! James smiles all the time now, it is too cute. John David is cooing occasionally. The boys have their 4 month check up April 16th. I am considering calling the doctor tomorrow and ask to try something else for their Reflux. We have been giving them Zantac for the past month and I don't think it does much to help them. I think it is kind of like Amoxacillan (the first one you have to try before you can get the good stuff that really works)....but yes, the Reflux is awful. They both spew every single time they nurse. They are very uncomfortable for at least 45min to an hour after they eat.

Comments from church today:
"Oh my, are those the precious babies we prayed for?"
"They are adorable"
"Are there TWO babies?"
"Are those the same baby?"
"You must be busy with two babies?"...(uh, she didn't know we already had three girls before the boys came..hahah!)

I posted this picture from Saturday morning because I honestly don't know who this is. I really can't remember who I was taking pictures of that morning. I know one boy was sleeping and one was awake. BUT I seriously can't remember who was doing what, so this is my first picture of "not knowing" who it is. I don't have the other boy to compare to so it is impossible of knowing!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Pate Friday Night Fashion Show!

SO what more is there to do than have a fashion show with all the cute dresses mommy snagged at the Kids Market sale last night. Thanks to my precious husband and amazing mother-in-law, I was able to shop at the Kids Market consignment sale from 6pm to 11pm...I know what you are thinking....that is ridiculous to shop for 5 hours at a consignment sale...not really if you could see how HUGE this sale is. If you are curious, go to and view the pics of the sale. I always find amazing deals on clothes for my kiddos!

It was also fabulous to be completely ALONE for 5 hours without KIDS! It sounds terrible to say, but I am most definitely feeling the need for a break. I love my children more than my own life itself, but I can feel the demands of tending to and taking care of 5 small children starting to frazzle my nerves every once in a while. I want to be my best for all of my children all the is hard to do! So, in 32 days I am going to the beach with three of my best girl friends. I should be ready to tackle my job for the summer after my beach retreat. Taking care of these boys is such a full time job and then throw in three demanding little girls who need Mommy's attention and TWO HANDS almost all the time, and you get the recipe for frazzled nerves. I know God has give me a BIG job and I am honored, I am trying my best every day, and I know He will give me the strength to manage and succeed

SO the Friday night fashion show kept us are a few of the pics!

Someone paid a lot of money for this outfit, wore it a few times, and then sold it to me for 10$ in the Kids Market consignment sale. What a steal!

She is so goofy...ballet dancing!

When I saw this dress, I thought..."Wow, that dress is loud and crazy just like Ellie Pate!"

She is way too young to look so grown up!

Jenna sporting her bikini..fat rolls and all!

I may be a little biased, but she is so beautiful..inside and out!

Ellie...being Ellie...go figure! Look at her finger pointing in the air! She is so goofy!


It was hard for her, but she did step out on a limb and show a little shy child!

This dress was actually monogramed "ellie" and was her size...I think I paid 7 dollars..what a deal!

The boys slept through the entire show! Look at those forehead! Oh my goodness, do they look like little Rob Pates or what!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bye Bye Hernias!

Pictures from surgery day!

Mommy holding James one last time before he went back to the operating room...and yes, I cried like a baby when they took him out of my arms!

James in the recovery room...waking up!

John David hanging out with brother in his hospital crib!

Auburn Baseball Team came by for a visit...

James had double hernia surgery yesterday at Children's Hospital. Can I just say how thankful I am that it is OVER! We are so blessed to have two healthy baby boys home and thriving. Being at Children's Hospital confirms how blessed we really are. There are so many sick babies there. It really does tug your heart to see so many really sick kids fighting to survive. I find myself praying for God to shower those families with peace and comfort and healing for their children.

James did a great job during his surgery. He was asleep for about 2 hours (LONG TIME FOR MOMMY TO PACE THE FLOOR) Rob and his dad (Papa) where there to help pass the time along. Once James was out of surgery Rob and I were able to sit with him in the recovery room until he was strong enough to go upstairs to his room on the fourth floor (where we spent the night). John David was a good boy as he tagged right along with brother. The night was horrible (as you can imagine); feeding two babies and listening to alarms go off every 5 minutes and babies next door screaming all night. However, I continued to count my blessings and thank God for the healthy baby I new I was going to leave with the next morning.

Thank you all for your sweet thoughts and prayers. The phone calls and cards mean so much.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pictures from the week!

James not so happy about going strolling. He calmed down once I tucked a blanket around him.

Ellie and Jenna enjoying a Sonic slush at the park.

After a long frustrating day dealing with doctors, we (I) needed ice cream. We indulged in chocolate chip, birthday cake, and purple dinosaur! YUM!!

After bath, I was EXHAUSTED but they all cuddled up in my bed and I just had to have a picture of them. SO precious!


Rob and I are scheduled to arrive at Children's Hospital Tuesday morning at 6:45am for James to undergo his hernia surgery. Please be in prayer for him to be strong and do well. Also, pray for the doctors and nurses that will be caring for him. If you have any extra prayers left, Rob and I would appreciate prayers of peace and strength as we endure a long day and night at the hospital with both boys.

Current weights; James 7 lb 11oz and John David 8 lb 4 oz

BIG MOMENT TODAY...James smiled at Claire and Ellie. It had to be one of the sweetest moments I have ever had with my children. He was fussy and I was holding him out in front of me. The girls came along side of me and I noticed his head looking from side to side of me. Then he paused, and smiled really big at Claire, then turned his head and looked at Ellie and smiled huge for her too. Then of course looked at me and started screaming! Ha! The girls absolutely love to hold their brothers. Tonight while I was drying Ellie and Jenna's hair, I peeked around the corner of my bathroom and noticed Claire was on my bed holding James because he was screaming, and trying to pat John David at the same time. I thought to myself, "good grief she is the sweetest thing!" One day I am going to set up our video camera to video our afternoon. It is quiet comical! Stretching myself between five kids is craziness. I would have to say the hardest is trying to nurse both boys at the same time, while reading Jenna books, helping Ellie hold her pencil just right, combing the tangles out of Claire's hair, answering the phone and listening out for the oven timer!!!!ALL AT THE SAME TIME!
I wouldn't trade my life's chaos though, because at the days end, I reflect back on what my precious little ones have taught me and have shared with me and it brings tears to my eyes. I love my husband and my girls and my boys more than anything in this life I live.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bitter Sweet...spring break is coming to an end!

Snuggling in my bed after our 8:00am feeding time. This was one of my favorite times during spring break because the boys would nurse and drift off back to sleep and the girls would be piled up next to me watching Hi-5 and Discovery Kids!

Ellie and Jenna in charge of breakfast (well, not really but they did stir and mix the batter) Ellie was so happy, she kept saying, "Can I lick my fingers Mommy?", and for those of you who know her well, aren't surprised that she would want to lick pancake batter off her fingers.

Pancake morning! Yay! The special treat was syrup...we don't usually get to have syrup during school week!

Claire creating a story book, called The Ooh La La Sisters!

Jenna picking flowers after her special day with just Mommy and Daddy. Her favorite part of the day was the wagon ride with Daddy. Priceless memories to keep forever.

Ellie (a.k.a. Adventure Girl...on a mission to save the world from dangerous popcorn that comes alive and attacks pretty girls!) Not kidding...that is what she was doing..fighting the popcorn. BTW- she is NOT our typical child.

I am secretly happy that the girls will all be going back to school Tuesday, so I can resume my leisure days of domestic responsibilities and of course loving on sweet baby boys! I will however be a bit sad that the girls will not be here with me to lounge in the bed and watch morning cartoons, or make pancakes together, or dress up and play "Adventure Girls"! But it won't be long before we have summer break to enjoy together. Yet again another reason to savor the moments you are in and not focus on the moments you don't have...whether it be the ones from the past or the ones you look forward to in the future! It is the wishing and wanting something other than what we have that takes us away from the "contentment" that God wants for us in our daily lives. I ran into a sweet friend today that reminded me of that simple fact...ENJOY where you are in your life right now.

James has surgery scheduled Tuesday and I would really appreciate any extra prayers for him. It is scheduled for 7am and he should be out by 9am if everything goes smoothly. He will have to stay 24 hours to be monitored.

To all of my sweet teacher friends out there...hang in there girls..only 9 weeks to go! I can't wait to re-join you all next year. I have missed you a bunch!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Colic or Chocolate??

One proud mommy holding her precious, adorable, handsome, baby boys! This is a picture of me holding the boys during a very "cranky" time. I can't figure out how babies know if you are standing or sitting...they prefer I stand holding them which is much harder on the back.

Not sure which one is the culprit to my "cranky" babies but it must be either colic (usually hits around 3 weeks and that is their gestational age now, or the age in which they should be had they been full term) or it is the hot chocolate and chocolate candy bar I ate! All I know is that last night, both boys were singing misery. They were SCREAMING from 8-9 and just crying from 9-10. By 10:30 it turned into a slight whine or grunt and by 11:30pm it had ceased! We all slept well until about 5am this morning. Rob told me last night that I was only allowed bread and water for the next 24 hours. Ha! I have been watching what I eat pretty closely but Monday morning I just snapped! It was like the chocoholic in me started raging and I just couldn't control her anymore. SO one BIG cup of hot chocolate and chocolate candy bar later, I felt great but 12 hours post chocolate splurge, James and John David were CRANKED UP!

Tonight has seemed better so hopefully it was my poor judgement in food choice and not colic. I remember Claire having colic attacks because she was allergic to my breast milk (or at least that is what the doctor told us) but she would scream for hours all day and all night...not stop! I even drove her around in my Nanny's Grand Marque at 3am in the morning trying to make her stop. Nothing worked until I stopped breastfeeding! Ellie and Jenna had tummies made of steel, never a belly ache or spit up to mention of. I nursed them for about a year- no problems! I am very hopeful the boys will continue to tolerate my milk and not have problems. I think if they had allergies to my milk, it would have already hit...hopefully I can control my urge to splurge and they'll be okay.

Here are some of the comments from the girls lately:
Jenna: "Mommy I need to hold the "bruders" (brothers)"
Ellie: "Mommy next time you have babies, can you have a combo?" (meaning a combination of one boy and one girl)
Claire: "Mommy what does breast milk taste like..I don't remember?"
Jenna: "Mommy the bruders are creaming (screaming)"
Ellie: "Mommy when the boys are eating are they biting you?"

Spring far!

Spring Break has been such joyous fun so far. Even though Monday was RAINING all day, Tuesday and Wednesday have been absolutely gorgeous. Monday we played inside all day and watched movies. Tuesday, Ellie enjoyed a sleepover party with her buddy Kate Mullinax and Claire spent the evening at her buddy Anna Templin's house. The girls LOVED their sleep overs and it was nice to have some special "Jenna" time with the big girls gone. Tuesday afternoon, Rob and I took Jenna for a wagon ride around the neighborhood and she was so giddy with all the extra attention she received from Mommy and Daddy. Today, Wednesday, I picked up the girls from their friends and we gathered at my best friend's house, Aimee Martin. She was such a trooper to invite us all over to her house..4 adults and 13 KIDS! The oldest...7 and the youngest....3 months! Here is a picture of all the kids in birth order.
Braylin Martin, Claire Pate, Kate Mullinax, Kendall Reeves, Ellie Pate, Jacob Mullinax, Natalie Reeves, Jenna Pate, Nathan Mullinax, Harper Martin, Benjamin Reeves, James Pate and John David Pate!

The kids had a blast; Ate peanut butter sandwiches, cheese puffs, and Popsicles; played outside and by 1:00 I think 9 of the 13 kids were whining and crying so it was NAP TIME....we headed home from there.

I appreciate my friends so much. It is really special to have friends to share life's journey with. When we had all of our kids lined up together, I realized how memorable these moments really are. Even though it is hard work and they exhaust us, it is worth.

Jill, Rashae, Aimee and I are planning a "girls" trip the last weekend in April and I am really looking forward to it. I told Rob the other day, there is a possibility we all may go to sleep the first night and not wake up until the last day!!

Will post more later on spring break week.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Family time- what life is all about!

Jenna holding John David. She kept telling us, "No I not done!"

Even though it has been an incredibly yucky weather weekend, we have had a fantastic weekend nonetheless..The girls spent Saturday morning with Mamaw, enjoying a Jack's breakfast and yard sale at the Hoover Rec. The boys and I slept until 10:30 (OMG! I so needed that extra sleep) The girls returned from their outing with Mamaw. They played in the basement while I ran 7 miles (long and boring on the treadmill but entertaining to watch Claire and Ellie play) Then it was my favorite part of the day..NAP TIME! Yes, 4 out of 5 kids asleep! After naps, Jenna was rewarded with holding her brothers for the first time (she has been sick for a solid month so unable to hold them yet!!) She was really sweet with them. We only had to tell her a few times to not hold them by their necks!! Sunday was a grand day also. We were able to get outside a little bit in the afternoon. Daddy and Claire practiced softball together while Ellie and Jenna and I painted. We are using the same dresser for the boys that we used for the girls, so I had to paint new dresser knobs...a new hue of hot blue and green..haha! After playing outside for a bit, we came in for Oreo milkshakes...yummy treat! Rob and I spent some time getting the boys' room ready this weekend. We have one crib up and plan on putting together the other one next weekend. I will post pictures once we have it completed. BTW- Jenna has officially moved in with Ellie...oh my, what a combo!

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

James watching basketball with Daddy...well not really, Daddy holding James while I feed and change John David..But cute nonetheless!

Claire reading "Because of Winn Dixie" to John David.

Ellie and Jenna painting their masterpiece!

Jenna wearing her church dress even though we were unable to go to church.

Update on the boys. They are doing well. Haven't been weighed in a while but I am guessing 7-8 pounds now. Starting to wake up more easily now. They use to not be phased by a door bell, phone ringing, JENNA SQUEALING, etc. but now they seem more easily awakened. Typical day is wake up at 6:30am and eat, go back to sleep until 8:00am, wake up and eat again, play with mommy until 9:30 and then nap until 11:00am, eat again, love on mommy until 12:30, sleep until 2:00, eat again. Nap until 5:00pm, eat again, nap until 8:00pm, eat again and then the remainder of the night until 11:00pm is generally fussy time, rock, bounce, burp, eat and then they pass out at 11:00pm...It all starts again at 6:30am! Taking care of these babies each day is pure joy. Things definitely get challenging between the hours of 3pm-8pm. Five kids who need mommy all at the same time. Four of them under the age of FOUR! I am so thankful though to be home during the day with the boys right now, I savor all the moments. I love to nurse them, rock them, hold them, smell them, snuggle my face up against theirs, hold their fingers, and of course kiss all over their sweet, chunky cheeks!
James is scheduled for hernia surgery on the 24th of this month. I am of course really nervous about having him put to sleep. He will be under for about 2 hours. Please be in prayer for him to be strong and for the surgery to go well with no complications. I am also apprehensive about taking my two healthy babies into Children's Hospital (where they are treating many sick babies with RSV) Not excited about exposing them to germs, but what am I to do?

As always, we thank all of you for your continued prayers of health for our boys. They have done remarkably well and we know it is just a pure testament to the power of prayer. Please add James to your church prayer list for his surgery on March 24th.

Love to all!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It is officially time to start training for the Bear Lake Marathon this summer. Rob and I will begin our training program this weekend. Thanks to my best friend, Jill, and her mom, Judy, I have this beautiful new jogging stroller. The boys and I will spend every single day (except for Saturday) RUNNING! The great feature of this jogging stroller is the swivel wheel in the front. It is also super sturdy so as I am running over bumpy, gravel road, the boys will be safe and sound inside their pouch! I am planning on trying it out permitting! Thanks Jill and Judy, I love the new wheels, and I am sure the boys will too!!

Here is a picture of the girls playing in the box that the jogging stroller came in. I'm amazed at the level of contentment that a cardboard box brings children. Pure happiness playing inside and out of that box. Appropriate for all ages...1-7! ha ha!

Here is a picture of the boys mid-morning after their 8:00 feeding. That is usually when I change their clothes and clean them up for the day. They generally go back to sleep until 11:00 or so and that is when we get out and about. We have been going to pick up Daddy every other day on his lunch break to ride around with us as we complete errands. I have really enjoyed that hour we get to spend together. I usually pack him a lunch to bring along for the ride (since I am super wife and all!! ha ha!) and he eats his lunch in the car while I run in and out of Babies R Us, Hobby Lobby, Wal-mart, etc. I tell him each day if he makes me go back to work next year, I can't bring him Peperoni wraps and visit him during lunch!!!He laughs it off and says, "That will be okay!"

I wanted to post a picture of our pantry to show everyone how pitiful it really is. You would think that being a "stay at home mommy" right now, our pantry wouldn't look so pathetic, however, It seems as though I NEVER have a chance to go grocery shopping. The last time I went grocery shopping (full grocery shopping) was three weeks ago when a dear friend, Linda Templin, came to the house to "babysit" so I could go alone without the boys. Believe me, taking the boys grocery shopping isn't effective because they take two carts and there isn't any room for groceries.

Here is our new "family of 7 can fit" table. We are all so excited about having a new BIG table to gather around. Ellie even thanked God tonight for the "booths" table. When we arrived home from school today, Ellie walked in and said, "Oh, yea, I just can't believe we finally have a "booths" table. BTW- "booths" table means a table with booth seating.

Here are the boys sleeping at Mamaw's house during Sam's birthday party last weekend. I thought this picture was so precious because I had just finished feeding them, and they fell asleep just like this.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Grateful Heart!

So it is final, I have enough sick days donated to make it through the end of the school year. I called Ms. Mary at our central office to check how many days I officially had (hoping to make it through at least Spring Break). When she said, you are good, I assumed she meant up until Spring Break (because that is what we had talked about previously) but when I said, You mean I have enough through Spring Break?", she said, "No, you have enough through the end of the school year!!!!" I cried like a big ole baby. Just boo hooing! I couldn't believe it. Well, actually I could, because God has handled every single detail of this whole experience. He used many wonderful, loving , selfless people to take care of me and my family. The outpouring of support is humbling to say the least. I have such an appreciation for all that my dear friends have done for me. So thank you so much for those of you who have helped me by donating your sick leave days so my family doesn't have to take on the extreme burden of not having my income. We have truly been blessed and are grateful for it.

Here is a list of my sweet friends who donated days to me:
John Goodwin (OMIS)
Kelly Cooper Smith (OMIS)
Pat LeQuier (OMIS)
Molly Darby (OMIS)
Pat Connor (OMIS)
Lea Smith (OMIS)
Kathy Sumrall (OMIS)
Michelle Tindall (OMIS)
Jesse Creech (OMIS)
Myra Watson (OMIS)
Michelle Dunning (OMIS)
Nicole DePinto (OMIS)
Susie Easterling (OMIS)
Meredith Meadows (OMIS)
Suzanne Russell (OMIS)
Linda Maxwell (OMIS)
Holly O'Connell (OMIS)
Cynthia Cruce (CHMS)
Lynn Fincher (OMIS)
Connie Myers (CHMS)
Shane Stearns (Spain Park High)
Susan Hopton-Jones (Vestavia Hills Board of Ed)
Kristi Turner (OMIS)
Christina Rogozinski (Arab City Schools)
Jane Haines (OMIS)
Melinda Roddy (OMIS)
Kristi Wade (OMIS)
Wally Nicholson (OMIS)
James Steele (Hazel Green High School)
Trina Vest (Dadeville City Schools)
Amy Fineburg (Spain Park High)
Steve Davis (Spain Park High)
Howard Furnas (Spain Park High)
Bev Conway (Spain Park High)
Mike Aycock (Spain Park High)
Matthew Todd Scott (Spain Park High)
Lance Thomas (Spain Park High)
Tanya Bryd (Auburn City Schools, Dean Rd. Elem.)
Jackie Greenwood (Auburn City Schools, Dean Rd. Elem.)
ALicia Hames (Auburn City Schools, Dean Rd. Elem.)
Kimberly Jones (Auburn City Schools, Dean Rd. Elem.)
Charlotte Kincaid (Auburn City Schools, Dean Rd. Elem.)
Christy Lessley (Auburn City Schools, Dean Rd. Elem.)
Sonja Taylor (Auburn City Schools, Dean Rd. Elem.)
Mary Ann Williamson (Auburn City Schools, Dean Rd. Elem.)
Laura Alexander Waldrop ( Mtn. Brook City Schools, Brookwood Forest Elem.)
Jimmy Youngblood (OMIS)
Cathy Henry (OMIS, Central Office)
Cathy Simpkins (OMIS)

AMAZING! SO thankful and forever grateful for your kindness.

I will post some pictures tomorrow. Boys have been REALLY grumpy tonight. I don't think the spinach and spaghetti sauce I ate last night is agreeing with them....AHHH! By the way, this afternoon, I had four of my five children crying at one time...that was actually a first since we have all been under one roof. WOwzers...two infants screaming to eat and one two year old and one four year old crying and fighting over a stupid stuffed dog made me really want to yank out my hair. I didn't though, I just took a deep breath and said, "Hey girls, let's have story time while I feed the boys!" Ha Ha...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Life is SO busy, but SO GOOD!

The boys before their bath. These are the precious outfits Phala's mom made for them. She is the lady who made the Auburn outfits too. So special and sweet.

John David hanging out on the back porch with Mommy while Daddy slept and the girls played.

James Daniel spending some time outside while the big sisters played.

So sorry I have not posted in the past few day. We have been extremely busy. My goodness I need extra hands and extra time in my days. This past weekend I was tending to the children and my husband. Rob had his "big boy" surgery Friday and was "healing" over the weekend. Claire had croup Thursday and had to leave school early. She stayed with Papa Friday while the boys and I took Daddy for his surgery. Our precious cousin Sam had his first birthday Saturday. He has to be the cutest one year old I know. After his party Claire, Jenna, the boys and I went shopping at Target. Ellie spent the weekend with her best buddy Emma Kate and we picked her up Sunday after church. We really enjoyed the beautiful weather this past weekend. Lots of outside play time.

Ellie driving Jenna around (oh, my dear, I can see it now...12 years from now...these two are going to get in so much trouble together!)

My sweet Claire Bear...posing for me because Ellie and Jenna wouldn't. I can't believe how mature she is becoming. Growing up way too fast!

The boys are growing like crazy. They are now in size one diapers. No more newborn diapers. They are still nursing every three hours during the day and can stretch from 11-6 through out the night. I really couldn't ask for them to do better than that for 3 months old. Their "awake" time is usually from 8-11pm. They rarely get a bath (just can't find the time..ha!) but when we do bathe them (on the counter,in the sink) they HATE it...scream and cry and flail their arms and legs. They act like typical newborns right to be cuddled and snuggled. We are starting to get out and about more now and they sleep so soundly in the car ride to and from. I have even noticed that this past week they have been interested in their crib aquarium toy. They will listen to the music/nature sounds and watch the blue light. We are starting to get their room ready. I will post pictures once it is all done. Yes, I know, they are three months old and still don't have a room.

Today I went to Hobby Lobby to buy birth announcement paper (yes, I know...three months old and we haven't even sent a birth announcement) and the gentleman that checked me out asked about the boys. Of course I began to tell him the miraculous story. He said, "SO these babies are here because of the power of prayer, huh?" I also went to Publix today and shared the story with several cashiers when they asked about the boys. I am so proud to proclaim the greatness of God through these boys. One of the managers at Publix said to me, "Isn't God so good" and of course I responded, "ALL the time!"

So all the Pate's are doing well. We are thankful for it!

I will post more later. Right now, I am going to feed babies and then going to bed.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Surgery scheduled...start praying!

James Daniel has surgery scheduled for March 26th to repair a hernia. The doctors have assured me that this type of surgery is very "routine" in nature and is pretty common in boys. He said our only concern really is putting James to sleep for the surgery. Due to his prematurity and respiratory distress at birth, he is a little more high risk than a typical infant. Generally babies receive this surgery between 6-12 months of age, but Dr. Harmon feels that James can't wait much longer. His hernia is substantial and we risk the chance of intestinal blockage and serious damage if we prolong it. I am definitely nervous about the surgery but thankful it is hernia surgery and nothing more serious. For this little guy to enter the world 10 weeks prematurely and weigh only 2 pounds, and only need a hernia surgery thus far, is purely amazing. As I have said many times before, I still wake up each morning and stand in AWE of what God has done in our lives. For the Creator of all the world to bless us with these precious little lives, is purely humbling. Please do remember James in your daily prayers and ask God's hands to wrap around his tiny body and protect him. Please pray specifically for Dr. Harmon as he performs the surgery and if you have any energy left, pray for Mommy and Daddy to be strong through it. We will be staying the night at Children's after the surgery to make sure James is breathing okay and doesn't have any apnea spells.

Here are some pictures of the boys today. We had a busy day. Eating, sleeping, and eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping...haha!

I love these outfits. They are so cute, especially with the hoods on. Dressing up boys is totally different than dressing up girls, but still it is fun to see them in some new outfits.

12 weeks old!