John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer is......almost over:-(

Found the girls at the YMCA writing Bible verses on the chalk board in  the youth lounge. 

Shopping at Walmart for Jenna a new baby doll and earrings for earning two weeks of stars on our starfabulous  behavior chart!

Jenna worked so hard this summer completing her school work (Yes, I am a teacher mom and give my kids summer school work...but it is a very small amount) AND this particular morning, she was the first one done and did an amazing job without any help. We were both thrilled and this picture says, "TA-DA....look at what I did Mommy!"

Just Ellie and Jenna going to the pool with Mommy, while everyone else took naps!

After swimming in the pool, we ventured down to  the lake to throw rocks....because throwing rocks is free, fun entertainment...and Mommy gets a few great pics out of the deal too!

Ellie-7 years old, Jenna-5 years old

I see God's beauty in this picture. His grace and mercy are also evident. I have such a humbled, thankful heart for the blessings I don't deserve, yet He willingly gives. 

Our scripture fridge! The girls wrote  down all the Bible verses we have learned on strips to keep on the fridge.

Pizza by the pool almost every Tuesday evening. It was kind of like our summer tradition. 

She is crazy. Plain and Simple. This was during the Olympics, so obviously, she was "training" here for the Olympics one day. 

Summer Movies. This particular day was a bust because the movie was horrible, but we still had fun playing with arcade games. 

Best part of the summer mornings, was having quiet time on my patio and then snuggling with the boys as they woke up. Gotta appreciate the morning hair here. Hysterical!

James Daniel....again, look at the hair! LOVE little boy morning hair!

This day was wonderful. Ellie and I spent the better half of an hour during nap time, creating Show Me videos of "Scripture Songs"....Ellie would choose the pictures, and sing the scripture while I wrote the verse reference on the screen. Such a special time together. Very thankful for this sweet spirited, spunky little girl!

Yogurt Mountain with Daddy after work one evening. 

I have proof when he goes Platinum one day!

Cheer Clinic....2nd Grade Jags!

All day, everyday....they LOVE it. 

The best part of this memory, is the fact that under that guitar, he has no clothes on....When I said, "James Daniel, where are your clothes?" He said, "I am a music boy and those boys don't need clothes!"

Publix grocery shopping with Mommy. 

Nana got married. Yay! Mr. Howard asked the kids where they wanted to go celebrate and  everyone agreed "Jim Bobs" in Mt. Laurel~! An old town Soda Fountain....perfect! LOL!

Found these two in my bedroom quiet time chair, studying scripture together. Warms my heart. 

Sight word practice. 

She asked me if I thought her new shirt was "totally screaming Ellie Pate,or looked like something Claire would wear"....She cracks me up! 

Painting letter for Claire Bear's room one summer afternoon. 

Just the girls swimming today! 

One of Claire's precious friends, Leah Neilson. They were "working out" while I was running at the Y. Pretty sure their vocal chords received more of a work out than their leg muscles:-)

Her shirt says it all..."IS THAT ALL YOU GOT!".....Her big sister's picked this outfit for her for "back to school"!