John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Jenna Kat!`

This GIRL keeps us rockin and rollin! What a beautiful soul she is. I am most proud of her compassionate heart and longing to love others. She has a firey spirit and can ignite like a pack of firecrackers, but she has an ability to nurture a wounded bird with more patience than anyone I know. For 6 years, we have watched this little blossom sprout and she has only begun bloom...I am so very thankful God planned her for our lives and entrusted Rob and I to parent her along her life's journey. I love her so very much!

Her choice! Choc cupcakes with neon icing...for school!

The "official" birthday morning, April 5, 2012...

Flash was a spit fire...and such a funny child!

Cupcakes at Kindergarten class, and brothers helped her pass them out. 

And the infamous, BDAY SUNGLASSES....every kid just waits all year long to have their day to wear them. 

Oh the joy of having your best friend ride home from school on your birthday and play all afternoon!

Hanging out waiting on all the other friends to arrive for birthday party dinner night at "THE Melting Pot"

Thank you precious friend for more La La Loopsy!

And we're off....Princess date night at The Melting Pot!

Daddy daughter dancing on the Veranda!

Watching Barbie before bedtime!

PERFECT! Had to wake them up at 9am!

Found them snuggled behind Jenna's bedroom door reading morning devotionals....#meltsmyheart

The rest of the crew up for pancakes on the patio!

Birthday lunch at the park with family!

Mamaw loves Jenna....Jenna loves Mamaw....Mommy loves them both!

Oh yeah BABY! Got my shades, got my's a good day!!!!

Nana and Mr. Howard...loving on Jenna Boo

Playing Barbie

The end to a beautiful birthday weekend for Jenna Kathryn Pate!

March...(and yes, I realize I am posting March memories in May!)

Okay, it seems to be getting harder and harder to keep up with my Blog. Just busy, craziness around here. Oddly enough, the kids are actually easier because they are becoming so independent. Not sure how I kept up with this blog when I had four kids under four years old~! Kind of makes me feel foolish now that I can't at least keep up monthly!

Anyway, March was a fantastic month. Our family has really enjoyed the gorgeous spring weather that brings about softball season and weekend outside play days. We savored some really special moments this month with Spring Break, and Easter, as well as Ellie's decision to be baptized.

Boys began their Spring Break vacay with Mommy at IHOP! 

And our "home away from home" ...the GYM! We joined a new Fitness Center in
town and the boys love it as much as Rob and I do! 

Publix is the best "free entertainment" Bham has to offer...race car ride, balloon and cookie...

Boys Spring Break...Hanging out with Nana (and Mommy) at COSTCO! 

Feeding Ducks....John David wanted to know why "Hims not talking back when I talk to him!"

Easter Egg Hunt at school. 

Good Morning! Egg Hunt around the house...

I hope they will always want to do this....even if we have to resort to hiding money in the eggs instead of candy one day! I dream of having them pile up on this sofa at the ages of 12, 14, 16, and 18!

I just LOVE THE.M.

Two precious hearts...

Three beautiful souls....

A memorable moment....Easter service...Ellie walked down the isle to give her life to Christ. She told Pastor Adam she wanted to baptized and belong to the Kingdom of Christ!

Cuteness this natural should be bottled and sold!

Very blessed to have these people in my life. Grateful God designed our family the way He did. 

Papa and Mamaw with a few of their grands!

LOVE THIS PICTURE....Rob's Papaw and Nanny with our children. Family times like these bring a joy and fulfillment like no other! Truly and gift and so thankful for the memories...

Papaw sharing with Ellie His Salvation story and expressing just how proud he was of Ellie's decision...Super sweet moment. 

James Daniel loving on cousin Camille!

Morning after Easter, girls wearing their Chevron shirts from the Easter Bunny!

Winter Jam Concert....This is tradition for us~! 

Daddy liked the band RED the best...the boys were completely freaked out by them...the fire and gas masks are not very kid friendly...LOL!

Love these girls..and love their smiles. 


shall I even comment....hmmmmm
Jenna fell asleep...Daddy was ready to go and Mommy....yep, taking pictures!

The month of March was filled with many memorable moments.
Life is cruising along so quickly, so I take a second to breathe in the blessings we have been given and just praise and honor the Lord of our lives....and  say Thank You.