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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Becky and Rosey...2 weeks of bliss!!!!

My dad, whom we call Becky (or Beck Beck) and my stepmom, whom we call Rosey (or Ro Ro), spent 2 weeks with us. I know what you are thinking..."I bet your kids were totally spoilt rotten"...YEP and "I bet they were worn out after 2 weeks at your house!"....YEP!

It was total bliss for 2 weeks having them around. My dad and Rosey 'tinker' with anything that needs improvement and within a week they had my front door fixed, dripping kitchen faucet fixed, entertainment shelves assembled, pots and pans cleaned to a new pristine, Claire's bike tire that has been flat since summer- now fixed!...the list goes on and on. Seriously though, it is just so awesome to have their presence around. They both have an energy that is contagious. When I am at my wits end, one of them will do or say something to make me every time. The kids are rotten, but in a good way. I am so appreciative for the special activities they do with the kids. Movies, park, ice-skating, gas station treats, playing outside, etc.

And of course like everything else in life...anyting really amazing and wonderful always comes to an end...and boy is it ridiculously sad. To listen to my girls weep themselves to sleep because they miss Becky and Rosey so much, hurts. But they will be back in 3 months. We try to focus on the fun we have with them and keep our hopes up and spirits going knowing we will be able to see them again in a few months. And for the meantime, we have about 200 pictures and an hour of DVD to remind us of "Beck Beck and RO RO"...

It is four days out from their departure and the boys still wake up and say, "Uh oh Momma, Beck Beck bye bye" and the other boy says, "Momma, I Ro Ro, bye bye"....

I think Ro Ro had as much fun at the boys' 2nd birthday as the boys did! So precious...Look at that face of joy!

Don't think for a second that Becky and Rosey don't dive into a foam pit if a grandkid asks them too....funny thing was watching my dad try and crawl out of that foam pit!

Enoying lunch at Mamaw's house after church Sunday morning, in honor of Claire's baptism.

So proud to be at Claire's baptism. And Claire was equally proud to have them both there.


Ginger Bread Houses!


Reading Books...James and Rosey talking 'colors'

Beck Beck and John David talking 'ball'

Christmas with Becky and Rosey...the boys LOVED their remote control was hysterical watching them chase each others' cars.

Cooking yummy sweets for Christmas with all the kiddos and Becky and Rosey at Mamaw's house....Daddy was home in the bed with a stomach virus, that we all eventually passed around. Rosey and the boys were the only ones who escaped the plague!

Jenna opening up her "PENGUIN PIGGY BANK"...hahaha..inside joke for those of you who know about Jenna and her 'penguins':)

Rosey and James finishing off their plate of Koosa and Eggs...James Daniel LOVED his Lebanese breakfast!

"Show me your guns boys!"

Cooking Koosa and Eggs for breakfast...two different pans going on here...mine has egg beaters, his has real eggs...mine has pam spray, his has oil...mine has no milk, his has WHOLE MILK....hahahaha...but the end result is YUMMY breakfast!

Claire and Becky making pancakes for breakfast...

Ice-Skating...this is such a special treat...ONLY Becky and Rosey have ever taken these girls ice-skating. THEY LOVE IT...even though my dad fell, which resulted in a mild concussion. Claire told me when he got up, he was asking where Dana was...and of course I had not even gone with them..I was home with the little ones!

Eating Mexican together...our last dinner together

Saying good bye the night before Becky and Rosey had to leave...hard tears here..but it just proves how much these kid truly love their grandparents. We feel so blessed to have had such an amazing two weeks together.


Amy said...

That picture of Claire breaks my heart! The next time your dad is in town- I would love to see him. Cherish every moment you have with him. Love seeing all the pictures!

Trina said...

Looks like lots of fun was had by everyone!

I had forgotten about penguins. That made me laugh. :)