John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Ellie writing her fifth and final letter to Santa...

The boys playing one last tune before bedtime...Christmas Eve night!

Big girls with their Ipod touches!

Vrooom Vroooom!

Reindeer pancakes..yummy!

James in his race car chair!

Mommy, Jenna and new baby Anna Jane!

Daddy with his big girls....setting up Ipods;-)

THE GIRLS! with Jenna's Hello Kitty water dispenser!

Claire and her new Nike Free running shoes!...I'm jealous..I want some!

The whole crew...last pic before getting ready for church!

Christmas 2011 was wonderful. The kids had a blast. They were totally spoilt by their grandparents. Santa did a pretty good job this year too! Here are the highlights...

Claire and Ellie got a new IPod touch, a doll house and new baby for Jenna, and a motorcycle for the boys. The best reaction was Ellie finding a ribbon tied to her gifts that led her downstairs to the basement, where she found a gymnastics beam. She screamed "AHHH, I got a beam!"....

James Daniel received a guitar from Papa and Mamaw and one from Nana that he is totally obsessed with. The boys also got heavy machinery from my dad and Rosey, and they love crashing their loaders, excavators, and dump trucks into each other (AND THEIR SISTERS!) All the kids received special gifts from all of their family that show how unique and special they each are. From pj's with monsters and guitars, to microscopes, twinkle toes, craft kits, Harry Potter series of books, Itunes gift cards, Yogurt Mt. gift card, karaoke machine, wheel barrow, tractors and dump trucks, rakes and shovels, they have all had such a wonderful week of playing with their new gifts.

I am so grateful my children have their grandparents to share the holidays with. I know so many families who endured such hardships and tragedies during 2011 that it really puts perspective on each day.

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