John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break.....a few weeks late!

Oh how time just slips aways from me..........

I wanted to post these pictures and update BEFORE Easter, but I was unsuccessful, so here are the pictures from Spring Break 2012.....A few highlights:

Children playing on the beach while Dad and Mom watch and relax, not having to run to the "potty", run after toddlers, feed small children, break up fights....was AWESOME!

The boys LOVE watching TV now. For the first time ever, we caught them piled up in front of the TV watching cartoons; Dora, Bubble Guppies, Umme Zumme (sp??) and Diego! We laughed at how "TV Junkie" John David was.

The pier outside our beach house was AMAZING. The girls and I read devotionals and prayed each morning. It was so special.

Candle light pancake and poptart dinner our last night at the beach!

Dolphin cruise was so cool. James continued to say the entire ride, "Mommy, I can have one to take to my house with me?"

Watching Rob jump in the waves with our bigger girls was a beautiful memory. I re-lived those special days with my dad many years ago.

Praline coffee in the morning was pretty fabulous.

Shopping with Claire and Elllie. Candle stores. Candy stores. So precious.

Listening to Rob share about his Auburn highlights at the Foley High School Legends banquet was special.

John David rolling in the sand, completely caked his skin with sand, and therefore he was the ONLY one who didn't get burnt! John David=no sunblock, just sand.

Claire loved having her own room in the beach house with a FLAT SCREEN TV! Hah~! The silly little things that make children happy:-)

Ellie digging sand holes and buiding castles for beautiful:-)

Sitting in a chair on the beach with the sun and breeze in my face, listening to all my children giggle and play together, holding James in a wrapped up towel, listening to him say, "Mommy, I love you so, so much and you are my friend!" and being with the man whom I call my very best friend and my one true love on this Earth was absolutely pure, BLESSING. I am grateful we had this trip as a family. One of the best ones ever.

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