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Friday, May 25, 2012

Saying Good Bye to OM....S-U-M-M-E-R is here!

Well, another school year has come and gone....only difference this summer, is officially saying good bye to our Oak Mt. schools and the friends we have journeyed through life with the past 9 years. There is definitely some sadness in seeing this chapter of my life come to an end, but there is an abundance of joy and happiness in what God has planned for our future. I have a complete peace and heart "full" of joy as we have made our move. Life is about sharing Christ with others and leading others to salvation in Him, so moving forward into new schools, neighborhood,and community gives us more friends and folks to to hopefully do just that!

5th Grade Recognition Reception--So proud of her many academic and athletic accomplishments, but even prouder of the selfless love and sincere compassion she lives her life with!

Last Day at OMES...Krispy Kreme was just a perfect way to say good bye to Mrs. Dye and Mrs. Grant- two amazing teachers that have contributed to the excellence of Ellie Pate:-)

Oh how I will miss these girls. Claire and her best friends Leah and Mallory. We would  gather in my classroom each morning before school began to talk and pray. They helped me with First Priority on Thursday mornings. I am so grateful for their influence in my daughter's life. Servant's heart, selflessness, charismatic, and all around joyful personalities...

Our last time to hang out at my desk. She has  been  a beautiful part of my "classroom" mornings since she was 4 years old....the memories of the  mornings and evenings with her in my classroom are beyond precious to me.  I will always remember....

S-U-M-M-E-R.....First pic of our summer! 

Jenna and James and John David - last pic in Mrs. Joan's front yard! 

Joan Brock with Jenna and Cannon. These two kiddos have been in  home school together since 4 months old. Jenna doesn't know what school days are with out Cannon Russel! She will miss him so much. Joan Brock has made a huge difference in the lives of my three lil ones. She has loved them, nurtured them and taught them well. Yet again, another added blessing and "gift" God has given our family through Joan Brock and her home school. are going to Orlando with your best friends!!! We secretly planned  to send  Claire with her two best friends to Orlando. They had no clue until we met up with her friends to "go eat lunch" and told them they could grab some lunch on the way to ....ORLANDO! Had there bags packed and ready to go---it was an awesome moment for them. 

Galleria with Ellie...her absolute favorite  past time with just Mommy! Precious memories with her over the years doing this. 


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