John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Miracle Babies....FIVE years old!!

I am not sure how you blink and your "babies" are FIVE years old....I am sure mommas across America would identify with this same bitter sweetness of raising babies into children, and children into teens, and teens into adults. . When I remember this week of their "birth-day", December 11, 2008...I have a combination of emotions that is quite exhausting if I bare the honest truth. I remember sights and sounds from that day that make my stomach twine a knot. There are so many faces of people who showered us with so much love and prayer for these lil guys. I see all of their faces. I can easily visualize the nights of solitary silence I would sit in my living room, gazing at the beautiful Christmas tree lights, and cry out to Jesus, "Help me Lord, Help me have the strength to handle it all.."

I am so thankful, so very humbled and beyond honored to have these two FIVE year olds to celebrate with today. Watching them develop into their own rich, beautiful souls is nothing shy of a MIRACLE, and definitely a "GOD GIFT" for our family. 

James Daniel--
Such a loving child. Very sensitive and aware of his surroundings. Loves to create and invent. Wants to be independent. Loves to drink Ensure milkshakes, chocolate Devil's food cake doughnuts, hot dogs, carrots and ranch dressing and "spaghetti meat"....Always has a hat, gloves, glasses or belt tied around his waist. Loves Camo. Loves Auburn. and LOVES his school, CASA.  Sings and plays guitar. 

John David--
Funny always saying something to make us all laugh. He is happy to be playing with 'nothing'...will spend time chopping trees with a stick if that is all he can find. ACTIVE boy...rides his bikes, scooters, whatever can "go" fast on...Loves to watch TV and play Ipad. Wants to be first, and tends to over talk others. Loves SUGAR...always asking when the next treat will be. Wants to know dessert before dinner. Wants to watch crazy scary stuff, like Mario with the bad guy, or Smurfs with the mean guy, but then is scared to death to sleep at night. Loves pirates. Loves ninjas. and LOVES football. Talks about playing football all the time. 

Thank you Heavenly Father for the blessing of these two little boys. I pray you will empower me to raise them first to know you, and second to be amazing men of honor and integrity like their Dad. I thank you for the family you have designed for us. I thank you for my husband that leads us in your direction. I thank you for a love that is nurtured through your Holy Spirit. I ask that your protective love and spirit would manifest itself through all the members of our family. Thank you for this day to "celebrate your miracles"...

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