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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung!

Coach Oliver stopped by Daddy's office for an talk about what an AUsome dude our Daddy is!
The production crew from Philadelphia that is putting together the highlight video of the doctors receiving awards at the AOA National Conference, set up their equipment in the Optical department of his office. 

No words. Lol! Daddy and his lil "bunny clown"...

WE LOVE playing outside when the weather is so nice and warm.
YAY for sunshine. It has been a LOOOOONNNG winter!

When Ellie has piano, and Becky has special dates with the boys, Jenna and Mommy take Gus to the tennis courts to play. Some of my most favorite memories from this time of year, is spending an afternoon with just Jenna and this crazy dog. She loves him. And I love her. LOL!

Berry Track Meet.
Go Claire and Riles!

Her actual "birthday day" and she said, "Well, school all day and gymnastics all night, so what do we do to celebrate my real birthday day....???"
And of course she suggested Cracker Barrel...JUST MOMMY and ELLIE!

I love my three girls. They are all so uniquely different. One of them wouldn't be the same without the other two. They are truly a great lil team. I am thankful for girl treat days when we all get to just hang out and be together. Sweet Frog is a frequent outing for us. 

Just shopping...
For lunch boxes..
Since we LOST all three of them....

 These boys played baseball all the time together. They loved it. Such precious memories they made. Super thankful my Dad and Rosey spent the time investing in their little lives each weekend with the Miracle League baseball weekends. 

What better way to sum up the Spring Season other than share the most amazing news we have...
My Dad and stepmom were Baptized! I with there was audio here on these pics so we could re-listen to the joyous profession these two made. Folks in the congregation were clapping, and crying and truly experienced the love of Christ through watching my dad and Rosey get baptized. 
A year ago this time we were praying so hard for Rosey to find a job and for them to find a house, and really just for God to line everything up for them....and our intent was all for our own selfish reasons. We just wanted them here close to us. We never prayed for God to bring them here to bring them to their own salvation, we just prayed for the details that allowed them to move back closer to us because we missed them. So that is the beauty of our Lord. He brings them back to Alabama, and we think it is all for us.....when really, it is ALL FOR HIM!


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