John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Monday, February 23, 2015


Thanksgiving for our family is traditional in that we always cook very little and go to Mamaw's house to eat very much.... HA! 
I am not a cook, not gonna even pretend that I like it or care to do it, nope, just gonna be real and say that I LOVE this girl right here who does LOVE to cook and we all gather 'round the kitchen and watch her do her thing....The beautiful thing is that each kid is entitled to LOVE what they LOVE and enjoy their hobbies without conforming to the likeness of the others. SO, Ellie has always loved the kitchen and creating recipes and cooking, and we all enjoy eating what she makes. SO are her first batch of many to come in the future I am sure...of...OREO BALLS!!

At Mamaw's house....reading to dig in....

Look at all those sweet cousins!!!

Snuggles with Aunt Shirley!

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