John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Thursday, April 2, 2015

March 2015

Marvelous March

Enoing on the weekends when the weather is nice....

Whoever invented the eno....GENIUS. 

Headed out to see Papaw for a visit and somebody lost their FIRST TOOTH....
I heard, "Mommy.....Jenna just pulled my tooth out"

Hair CUTS...Had not had a haircut since fall.....It was SO time to shave these two heads.

Couldn't be more proud.

Auburn Gymnastics Meet with my girlies....So much fun. 
Running through the rain, chick fil a on the way back home. Stopping at every gas station along the way for Mommy to get coffee to stay awake driving back. MEMORIES!

And the Season Begins...

But at least we have the Dollar Store...and James' Bubba teeth to keep things in perspective.....

A few days later after the rain went away, we had JD's first baseball game. It was AWESOME!

HE had a huge game. Lots of great plays. Got the game ball!!!!
Way to go JD!

Weekday ritual....reading on a blanket in the sunshine....keeping Gus entertained. 

My two precious gymnast....

And of course, my oldest; lovely, teenager...looking way too grown up here. I still remember  her diaper days like yesterday!

TOOTH FAIRY....AGAIN.....Geesh.....two teeth in a month!

FREEZING....James D and Mommy were wrapped up snuggling the body heat! 

Part of me realizes now, that baseball is going to be a part of our springtime.....probably for a 20 years or so....LOL!

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