John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Saturday, October 17, 2009

pictures, pumpkins, weekend fun!

James Daniel sporting his shades...Big sisters were dressing him up and he thought it was cool...probably just the individual attention they were giving him cause John David was totally left out just watching it all happen. Before the girls started playing with James, he was really fussy and squealing (extremely high pitch squeal) and of course as soon as the girls gave him an ounce of attention, he was completely fine!!!

The boys holding their pumpkins. We bought SEVEN pumpkins today to put on our front porch. You may not think of this being anything "special" however, it is extrememly special to me because this exact time last year, I walked around each day wondering, praying, hoping with all my soul that these little boys would survive and not die inside of me...and each day I would look at our porch with our family pumpkins lined up and think to myself, "Lord will there be 7 pumpkins on our porch next year, will I have two little boys to dress up for Halloween to trick or treat with next year?" So this picture is special to me because the miracles God so undeservingly blessed us with are HOLDING THEIR PUMPKINS!!!:)

Boys hanging out at gymnastics. What I thought was neat about this particular picture, is that their arms are positioned exactly the same way. This happens ALOT and is just really neat to see. So I thought I'd take a picture of them.

John David was first to figure out how to escape his carseat (when not buckeled in) fault! I no longer leave them unbuckeled in their carseats anymore!!!

Playing with firefighter helmets that Claire brought home to the boys from Fire Safety week at school. I couldn't get a good picture of them though. If John David smiled with the hat on, James took his off and vise versa, neither of them would keep the hat on and smile at the same time..

Boys watching Spain Park football game...their uncle Phillip (Rob's little brother) is the Linebackers coach at Spain Park:)

The girls were styling Daddy's hair...with sparkly headbands.

Thanks for checking in with the Pate Family. We are all doing well. John David has been battling croup this week. He has been pitiful at times. Hoping James does not get it, but let's be realistic...they eat from the same spoon, sleep in the same bed, share clothes and carseats. They are crawling EVERYWHERE now...unbelievalbe...I can't believe we are actually watching these little guys crawl around. They are also sitting at the table now for meals. They have booster seats strapped onto our kitchen chairs and sit at the island in the middle of the kitchen. The best entertainment we have found thus far...watching me try to cook and clean while managing the girls throughout the kitchen is so facinating to them...but just like all great things, this too shall pass....but for now, it is great. John David is eating very well with his hands (actually too well, he is scanning the carpet and hardwoods for whatever he can find) EVERYTHING goes in his far I have retreived a leaf, fraction tile (kinda like a puzzle piece), coal (from the fireplace), and strawberry shortcake's ckae. James hasn't quite figured out the hand to mouth eating yet. He actually chews his food better, but you have to put it in his mouth for him (or help him do it hisself) John David just opens, shoves and swallows his food...

They have been on some table food for about two weeks now. This morning they had cinnamon rolls with the girls...what a mess!

As always, we thank you all for your continued support and prayers for these little guys. I am getting nervous about "sick season" approaching. Please, if you don't mind, remember to pray God's sheild of health on these baby boys as we will be very cautious with germ fighting!!! Thanks again.

Much love and next update, I will try to post video...for some reason I have not had much luck with downloading it lately...but I will try.



Catie said...

Love seeing all the pictures of your boys! The one of their hands positioned exactly the same is great because I catch my guys like that all the time too! I'm so happy, and thankful, for you and your seven pumpkins! I can't believe that this time last year I didn't even know that I was pregnant yet and now I have 5 month olds! I'll try to call and catch up sometime this week! I need tips for battling the cold with fragile immune systems :)

morgan823 said...

Those are so cute, I love the one of the girls with Rob. Too cute! Thanks for your help Sunday at Amy's tea. I appreciate it!