John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Little Picassos....

I just had to share these pictures. We were preparing to leave Saturday morning, and I couldn't find the boys...not unusual nowadays for them to both "go missing"....Anyway, I turned the corner to the dining room and this is what I found....

Look at that grip this boy has on his crayon...and notice it is his LEFT hand.

This is a great picture that show them in "mirror image of each other" and if you notice, John David on the right is holding his crayon with his right hand and James on the left is holding his crayon with his left hand...funny...we find them in "mirror image" of each other all the time.

Of course I ran to grab my camera thinking that they would be gone by the time I returned, but instead of fleeing the scene, they actually sat together at the girls' school table and created their first art masterpiece...of course I saved it...and yes, it is extremely talented sketching for a 20 month old..hahah!

We are all doing well. Everyone is very well adjusted to the new school year schedule. The boys are growing up so fast. They are learning so much at their school each day. I will try to post some video soon. This past week, we heard them both count...ONE....TWO.....FREE.....on the way home from school...SO SWEET!

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Kristin Mangan said...

Precious...I love the pictures of the boys coloring. How sweet! I think it's amazing what children learn in daycare. Even though I have LOVED staying home with my boys this past year, I'm looking forward to getting a new teaching job (soon, I hope) and sending the boys to "school". It's so good for them! Hope your school year is going well. Thinking about you!