John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Friday, September 3, 2010

Boy oh Boy...Daddy's idea....

So here are the kids having a "spa bath" thanks to Daddy being in charge of bath one weekend night. They loved it, and what fun it was trying to dissolve all those suds...NOT!!!!!

Life is busier than ever before.
18 hours days...not kidding. Up at 5, teach 7 hours, cheer, meetings, tumble class, run after school, homework, supper, bathtime,housework, preparations for the next day, lights out by 11pm....

Wow, we are now approaching the fourth week of school and everyone has been so healthy and well..what a blessing! Thank you breastmilk for all of your wonderful, strength building, brain enhancing, immune enriching antibodies....The boys are doing very well. They are growing and learning so much everyday.

Who is this big ole boy...John David Pate...look at those teeth...

Daddy decided the girls needed a "Daddy Daughter Date night" so he took the girls out for dinner and a movie (and of course they had to dress up) sweet...they loved it.

Saturday morning cartoons...James looks so happy to be with his sisters on their sleeping bag...I love moments like these...

Sadly, we have just been dealt a pretty crappy situation though with the boys' school. Until yesterday, the boys (and Jenna) have been attending Learning By Design Daycare. Lee Fogle was the director and her staff (whom she brought with her from her home in the previous days when she kept the Oak Mt. teachers' babies) just recently resigned (or rather were forced to resign). I have never been associated with such shoddy treatment from a daycare. Yesterday morning, about 20 OM teachers dropped off their children as usual and by mid day, word traveled that our staff of trusted caregivers were basically gone...several upset mommas showed up at 3pm to a total disarray. Basically the "business man" behind the scenes (who has no idea how to run a daycare) decided the bottom dollar was more important than the well-being of our children so, he basically let the trusted, qualified women who have loved and nurtured and taught my babies since birth go so he could (I guess) bring in cheaper, under qualified staff to pinch a penny....there is so much dishonesty involved and deceit from the "man" that it just gives me a stomach ache. I know one thing, that daycare will completely dissolve as soon as word gets out...from what I heard today, DHR was there this morning evaluating....hummmmm....gotta make ya wonder!?!?!

But what was truly amazing, was to see the teachers rally around, stand up for Lee and the others (Maddie, Jenn, Peggy, Joan) and support them, withdrawal their children from that daycare and not even give it a second though. Of course, several teachers felt the need to share just how disgusted they were with him, and I for one, didn't think twice about removing my three babies as quickly as possible. It almost felt like some sick, twisted Lifetime Movie....(UHH)

SO, a new plan is needed...childcare for A LOT of teachers in our area. I know one door doesn't close without another one opening right behind it, I just hope for my family's sake, it happens sooner than later....:(

Funny how I was just speaking of how "settled" things were beginning to feel and how balanced the kids all are. Mommy is loving her days at OMIS teaching fourth graders and our family system is working well...sure as soon as I say it, something like this happens...

I have the most amazing teachers and friends though. Today, my best friend Aimee took Jenna for the entire day, fed her lunch, took her to the zoo, and brought her to me after school. Lori Lancaster and Rebekah Austin (two teachers from OMES) offered to keep the boys all day so I wouldn't have to take off. They did it all, lovingly took my boys, played with them, fed them, loved on them all day....I am truly a blessed lady..

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