John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just gotta share this one....

I was blessed today to be able to share the "boys' story" with a total made me stop and somewhat relive all of those raw emotions from two years ago. It is funny how "life moves on" and without even realizing it, you kind of forget the past in a simple way because you are so busy living the NOW of life..I promised God that every single opportunity I had to share HIS miracle work through our boys' lives with other people (believers or not)....that I would most certainly share! So, as I explained the miraculous journey our family witnessed with James and John David, I was reminded of God's pure and selfless grace, that we don't deserve at all. This man looked at the boys and said, "Well, that is amazing, cause they're here and look to be doing very well!"....OMG, you have know idea how truly amazing...for those of us who have watched the growth and development of these two, teeny-tiny, two pound babies into the twenty-two pound, tenacious, nothing shy of a miracle.
Here are James and John David watching Elmo ABC rap...

The boys are 21 months old...starting to talk more and more each day. Both boys are saying about 35-40 words now. Communicating their likes and DISlikes wonderfully. Their teachers at school are teaching them their ABC's and James does an amazing job of pronoucing several letters. John David actually had a "first sentence" yesterday....We were snuggling on the couch watching Elmo ABC rap (at least 20 times) and pulled up Barney to show him something different and he said, "Uh oh Momma, no no, uh oh, Elmo!"....I started clapping and yelping...he was a bit stunned, not sure why Mommy was freaking out, but when I told him way to go big boy, you are using BIG words talking, he just smiled huge at me...precious moment..priceless moment...another moment when I see the face of our Maker!

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