John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two Phrases the BOYS are OVER--Using....




The boys are talking up a storm...thankful for the chattering, but boy does it make the noise level in our home ten times louder and seemingly more chaotic than this time last year. I remember sitting on the couch last year each morning working with the boys "trying to talk" and learning to communicate, and this year, they are constantly talking, yelling, even whining...yes, both boys have learned the art of 'whining' is comical to listen to them hover at my feet with arms reaching upward and whine "Mommmmmmmmmaaaa"....:)

Daddy watching Auburn football while Mommy was wiping up the explosion of ice-cream sandwich all over the kitchen, but forgot to wipe off the little monsters that made the mess...ha!

Playing with their sisters' markers and marker tops...keeps them busy for a long time, taking a part markers and reattaching the tops!

New vocab both boys are speaking lately...
B-Ball (for basketball)...more so John David...he is infatuated with balls
Mess-Mam (for yes mam)
Doan (for Miss Joan)
Mulk (for milk)
E-yee (for Ellie)
Jis Jee (for Jenna...thinking they are confusing 'Jenna and Sissy'

Funniest conversation lately...
Me: "John David, do you want to watch a movie?"
John David: "Pete, Pete, Pete" (for Pete's Dragon...they love it)
James: "Bite, no Bubba, Bite" (Because James thinks every animal bites)
Me: "Who wants to watch Pete's Dragon?"

I love how they are communicating with is funny to sometimes figure out what they want, but for Pete's Dragon...very clearly, one says, "PETE" and the other one says "BITE"...

The boys are doing great at school. They are learning so much every single day. I told one of our caregivers this morning, that there really aren't words to describe how thankful I am for our situation. Our boys (and Jenna) are able to be in a home (cleaner than my own home) where they are cared for and loved on all day. We have been 'in school' for about 12 weeks and they have learned so much, they are happy when I drop them off and happy when I pick them up, they eat wonderful meals, they play outside in the best backyard ever, they have not been sick AT ALL, and they spend their days with the same group of friends that they have been with since birth. Truly, truly, truly thankful for the daily care my babies receive from Joan Brock and Jenn Goode (and even Lee Fogle and Joan's husband Mr. Ronnie when he is home from work) It is just awesome to be able to go to work and enjoy my day knowing they are happy, well taken care of, learning and playing...a definite blessing I acknowledge daily..

Lastly, I wanted to mention a family at our church that recently lost their 9 month old daughter, Olivia, to SIDS last weekend. It is so heart wrenching I don't even have words....just please if you don't mind, pray for this sweet family. Their names are Cannon and Kristen Prickett. They were out of town visiting family. They layed Olivia down to sleep Friday night in her pack n play and Saturday morning when Kristen went in to get her up, she was dead. My heart just ached Sunday morning as I worked the nursery..sweet Olivia wasn't there...and I can't get the thoughts out of my head...the absolute horror of walking into wake up your beautiful, healthy baby girl like you do every morning, to find that she is dead....horrible, sickening, tragic...and I know my faith says to not question, so I won't, but I am asking God who is the author of life and holds the keys to our future in His hands, to embrace this family and comfort them as they now learn to 'do life' without their only daughter, Olivia.


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

My, look how much they have grown. Your boys (and your girls)are so precious!!!

The Taylors said...

Oh goodness, I really can't get over how grown up they look. Absolutely PERFECT!

Erin said...

I just heard about Olivia, and found your blog. I am a childhood friend of Kristin's from Tallahassee. Do you have a phone number/email address for her? I would love to get in touch with her. I am just so burdened and sad for her. Truly words cannot express. How tragic. Trusting God in these hard moments. Please email me any information at