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James Daniel Pate-3years old

Friday, April 22, 2011


I know, I know, I am WAY BEHIND on updating this blog. Honestly, we have been so busy. I am going to post some pics tonight from our week visit with my dad and stepmom. We miss our Becky and Rosey (aka Beck Beck and Ro RO)so very much. But one thing is for sure, we have a new count down going and it will only be about 50 days until we board an airplane to go see them in Utah. Our family had such an amazing time with them here, we have a wealth of memory tucked snug in our hearts to remind us often of how much they love us. Each time I scramble an egg in my new pan (thanks Dad, I love the new frying pan)I can't help but think of my dad and hear his voice start barking about how terrible my cookware is..hahah. Each time I notice Jenna dragging around her special bunny from Becky and Rosey I think of how they reach out and try to bond with each individual child by spending quality time with each of them and usually buying them something special to remember their visit by. Joy fills my heart to see how meaningful the relationships are that my children have with Becky and Rosey. I love to see my children recognize their special place in the hearts of my parents. It is hard to be so far away from them, but it sure does make the visits feel like pure gold.

This was my stepmom's first pedicure! Needless to say, we will be starting a new tradition when they visit again....

Rosey and Ellie shopping at the Galleria for Ellie's special birthday treat!

No place better than the BALLPARK! John David played with Rosey's orange peels for at least 30min. and James entertained himself with my dad's tobacco can...hahah

Thank you Dad and Rosey for the tremendous amount of love and support you gave me over the years of training and working so hard to reach a dream of mine. I love you both so much and thank God for the relationships you are building with my children. I know it was super challenging to take care of them while Rob and I were gone to Boston, but we had the most amazing time and I feel so grateful to the both of you.

The kids remind me each morning that we have one less day to count toward our visit to your house. John David says, "I go Beck Beck house" and James says, "Take me Mommy Beck Beck and Ro Ro".....I can't wait to see their faces when they climb on the first diesel truck, forklift, or back is going to be awesome.

I will update my Boston trip tomorrow night. It is a long story....totally a God story....unbelievable story....

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