John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Sunday, May 15, 2011


It is with great joy and desperate request for prayer that I am posting about another set of Mono-Mono boys I found out about right here in Birmingham, Alabama. There is a precious woman, Shelley, who actually teaches at the Montessori school in Oak Mt. that Ellie attended last year, who I spoke with yesterday. She is 27 weeks pregnant with Mono-Mono boys. She has a 14month old son as well. Unbelievably, she is being seen my the same specialist we received care under at Brookwood with our boys two and half years ago.

When I had the chance to talk with her yesterday, I could feel her heart through our words. It was incredible to speak with another voice who "knows exactly what mono-mono journey feels like"....I am in constant prayer for her and those beautiful little boys she is carrying in her womb....their names are MILLER and MATTHEW...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pray for Shelley and her Mono-Mono miracles Miller and Matthew.

Thank you blogger friends for praying with us for the health and safety of these two little miracle boys. I am going to visit Shelley in the next week or so once she is checked into the hospital for continuous monitoring. I told her that I was bringing my 'scripture wall'. And for those of you who remember that, my scripture wall held me up so many times during my hospital stay that I felt myself falling... I also believe in my heart that there might not have been the two living, breathing, perfectly healthy boys by the name of James Daniel and John David without your prayers!

Thank you for praying for MILLER and MATTHEW. I will update their progress as I hear more.


Missy said...

Praying for those sweet boys and their mom! Wishing her the absolute best!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dana,

I have "stumbled" upon your blog and I am so encouraged by your story. I am a mono mama in waiting from Jacksonville, FL. I am 15 1/2 weeks along and truly trusting the Almighty to carry me through this journey of faith. We are also having boys, which we are thrilled. I am thankful that I have a personal relasionship with Christ and I know that He is working mightly through me and these precious babies. My email is I would love to chat and be more encouraged by your story, as you know very few people walk the path you are on....I pray I follow. Thanks so much, Rebekah Hagan