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James Daniel Pate-3years old

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Very Sad News....

My sweet friend Shelley, pregnant with the mono boys, emailed me yesterday with an update on the boys that brought great sadness to my heart. The boys' cords were so severely tangled that the doctor's decided to take them on June 29th instead of their original planned date of July 3rd. Baby Miller weighed in right at 4lbs and is doing well in the NICU, however, baby Matthew did not make it. Apparently he had an underdeveloped trachea and passed away shortly after birth. I don't really have any more details than that right now.

My heart just breaks for Shelley. I can't imagine the sorrow she is feeling right now. I pray for her often and ask you guys to please remember her throughout your day. They are having a memorial service for Matthew on Friday, July 8.

Our family has been at the beach all week. We are having a great time together as a family. The kids are having a blast. I will update with pictures and stories later. I just wanted to share the latest news I had on the Mono Boys, Miller and Matthew.

Thank you for your sweet prayers for Shelley and her family.

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