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James Daniel Pate-3years old

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Fun continued...July! (updated by Ellie Pate)

Summer fun continues here at the Pate house. We are thankful for our special days together making memories. In honor of Ellie B. Pate, she will be updating this addition of the blog post. Mommy will upload the pics and Ellie will type the captions. Here goes...

oh boy my brother is in my apron at costco

YUMMY  costco lunch

Ellie has some skill

PARK  time


fun watching little ienstne 

Jenna and her best buddy from school. They have been together  since 4 months old. 


claire and sophie have been friends since first grade. they always do arts camp together. 


and the next one falls asleep!~

Jag cheerleaders for this season..

Well, Ellie has decided that she is not in the mood to update the blog from this point, so I will take over:-)
She said, "Mommy, it kinda take a long time to do this, maybe I will do a blog one day when I can do a lot of things at once like you can!".....LOL!!!!! Bahahahaha...she has no idea:-)

Boys had their first dentist appointment. John David LOVED it. Couldn't hush long enough for the hygienist to clean his teeth. Also asked her if she thought he looked "aweshum" (aka awesome)

JOY in my heart to walk in and see this. These little guys are growing up so fast. 

Ella Mayfield and Jenna going for their weekly play date. This precious child has been a BFF for Jenna since they were toddlers. Now both are headed to Kindergarten. We are so grateful for beautiful friends God has placed in our children's lives. Such a gift. 

All Day, Every Day....They LOVE it. 

Waving to Becky and Rosey saying, "When are yall going to come and see us!!??"

Auburn Kick-Off party. Kids had a blast. Mom and Dad enjoyed ourselves too:-) I am have memories of attending this function when we had NO children, and then of course when it was just Claire, and even when we always had a baby carrier or stroller to tote around. NOW look at us....Everyone is growing up and it is wonderful!

I could eat her up. Love my Jenna Boo so much. She asked if she could keep this on until the first day of school so she could show her new friends....

Boys look like freaks! Too funny!!

One thing that makes this girl shout for JOY is FOOD! She absolutely loves to be in the kitchen, preparing food for others, eating treats and creating whatever she conjures up. This morning it was a tortilla with cheese stick shredded, scrambled eggs, smoked Ellie Wrap!

no words...just constant...James Daniel...ALWAYS in some type of  costume!

collage art on the patio

Great times hanging out with friends.

So our summer has been fabulous. We are truly blessed to have one another, love one another (most times), learn from each other, pray for each other, laugh with each other, and just live this "life" God has graciously given us. Recently I had a very beautiful family member express her admiration for my "parenting skills" humbled me,  also made me feel guilty for the times I don't live up to my standards of what "I" think is best, but more than anything it encouraged me to rise above when I fall below and the only way I am able to do that is reach for more of HIM and less of ME. 

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morgan823 said...

Cute pictures!!! Thanks so much for the invite again! I could definitely use some of your parenting skills and techniques. Everytime one of my kids is whining I think of your song you sing! ;)