John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Monday, July 9, 2012

Family Vacation to Destin!

Spending a week with my family at the beach is better than a Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks. I am truly thankful for all the sweet, special memories we make as a family. Each year we spend a week at the beach with our family I realize a couple of things....our children are growing up VERY quickly and these moments are too far fleeting.....I want to savor them all, so therefor I take 325 pictures and try to preserve them on this blog. It is hard to believe I have a middle school daughter this year, my last baby girl is going off to Kindergarten and my beautiful miracle baby boys will be right behind her in a couple of years. I am grateful for the family God has allowed me to be a part of. I try hard to see the glimpses of HIM throughout my day in my husband, children, family and friends. As tough as some days seem, they really are pure blessings. The chaos and unpredictable "inconveniences" should be counted as "GIFTS"... It doesn't take BIG things to appreciate the LITTLE things.


Ellie having a snack "sample" on the master bed (with white dove towels behind her)


John David making a big splash...he loved this so much!

Claire hanging out on the edge of the pool with Daddy....looking so cool in MY sunglasses!



And off they go!

James digging in the sand!

She is crazy...flying in the ocean like a bird!

I love my Claire Bear. She is growing up way too fast...


James Daniel hanging out in Mommy's chair

SURFING...RIDING WAVES....they did this for hours...

Playing in ocean waves with my Jenna Boo!

Daddy jumping waves with JD

Mommy's cool lil dude crashing some waves!

So proud and thankful for my sweet family...

Kids on the wall...all lined up in order:-)

wow...wish I could do this!

Making sand castle with Ellie...she called it a lagoon pebble palace...

Beautiful young lady...

Jenna hanging out on the patio with the boys...while they 'smoke' their cigars like Papa...

Daddy and Jenna crashing more waves...

Mommy's lil mermaids...

They absolutely loved the boat! This brings back such beautiful memories of me with my dad riding waves in the boar when I was a young girl. 

Dinner Time!
This girl LOVED riding these waves. She was a CRAZY girl in this ocean water. 
John David "waiting on the water"...I thought this picture was precious. 
James watching the waves. 
Watching fireworks...with our shades on of course!
Uncle Phillip hauling kids in and out of the ocean. Sam and John David  would have stayed in the waves ALL DAY..they never wanted to get out. 
The whole crew having a snack on the beach!
She asked me, "Do I look like a real live mermaid in this sand?"
James Daniel...always with hats, glasses, accessories.....even on the beach!
Savage faces...James taught everyone how to growl and scrunch up their faces for a "savage face"...Sam loves it!
How can she possibly be nearly as tall as me!?! Time flies for sure! I vividly remember  our trip to the beach for Fourth of July when she was ONE!
Excited to go shop with Mommy at Alvin's Island.
Vivid, bright PURPLE glasses for her purchase at Alvin's Island!
Jenna's special shopping time with her PJ's, going to Alvin's Island for an airbrush shirt!
Sweet sisters....couldn't be any more different, but love each other no matter what! And have clocked 12 hours of ocean play jumping the waves together since we arrived here.  
?????Proud Momma?????
Just absolutely LOVED this...HOURS of this....precious time for Dad and sons!
speechless...just precious
On the count of three let's dunk him...ready, 1, 2, 3...GO!
RARE! I am sitting in a chair, drinking the rest of my  morning coffee...WITH NOBODY AROUND ME!?!?! Just needed a picture to prove it! HA!
This picture makes me realize how big they are all getting....
sweet cousins looking in the ocean for "PIRATES"
Sand buckets are a perfect fit for popcorn snack!
patio from the freezer of course...Jenna said, "Thank you  mommy for the real kind of pizza!" Haha..
Couch bed breakfast is THE BEST...according to lil kids!
picture worth a thousand words????
James his glasses
boys having snacks again...seemed like this was all we did, other than jump waves...EAT SNACKS
girls having pickle chips with Aunt Katy
James glasses and my visor! BAHHAHAHA
shopping at Alvin's with Jenna for her special Mommy time...
Dressed and ready for beach pictures!
Japanese Steak House....OSAKA!

The end is always bitter sweet....


Allison said...

What a precious family you have! Love the picture of the whole family's backs.

Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures! And they are getting big fast!!! Good to see Phillip and his family.
I am wondering how you get into a bikini! I hear running is the only thing to get that post-baby skin on the stomach back in place. You are the best person to ask after 4 pregnancies, the last one of which were those miraculous twins! How'd you do it?!
The whole family looks very fit and healthy...good job!

Kate Dunkin said...

Great post and pictures Dana, you have a beautiful family! This makes me even more excited to get a destin beach house rental this summer. Thank you for sharing this with us!