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Monday, September 3, 2012

Becky and Rosey's Visit to Alabama

Guess who we are waiting for.....

TA-DA! "It's my Becky!!!"

Well, what do you think? Excited faces or what!?!?

He is hugging her as tightly as she is hugging him! This is John David. First question he asked her, "Rosey, did you bring your pajamas!"

James Daniel waiting for Becky's luggage!

Lebanese bread...OH YEAH !

Going out for lunch!

Jenna was so happy to have Rosey listen to her read her bedtime books! Precious memories.

Rob asking Dad which cigar he wants. And then deep discussion about the different types of cigars in Rob's collection. 


Double the trouble but Double the LOVE!

Family swim time.....we had such a great time. Times like these are what life is all about. Sharing fun and love together with family!

LOVE John David's face in this picture. He is  a goofball!

Jenna massaging Mommy's feet. Felt oooh so fabulous!

Rosey's turn!

Becky showing John David how to paint his name. 

Rosey took the girls for a little shopping spree. They all received new books, a few surprises and a DQ ice-cream treat!

Taking a break from installing screen doors and pressure washing the patio!

James making a sad face...

James making a silly face!

Middle School she really in MIDDLE SCHOOL!

Very scary moment here...My dad was rushed to the hospital after having heart attack symptoms one evening. 

And of course once the nurses got him stable and settled, and it appeared to not be a heart attack. , I had to take a pic! And pictures are worth a thousand words right?!?! LOL! I sure love this man, and he makes me laugh every single day!

The whole family helping Claire decorate her locker for 6th grade!

Girls were going to visit Becky in the hospital, so we had to take them some delicious Ruby Tuesday's dinner! Apparently he didn't care for the low sodium chicken broth and apple juice they serve at Brookwood!

Jenna telling Becky all about her baby doll. 

This pictures makes me LAUGH and even tear up a little bit. Jenna took the wheel chair ride and Becky is telling this nurse all about his miracle grandsons. Showing her a picture of them on his phone. 

Good Morning?!?

Tubing down the Cahaba. This picture brings back LOTS of memories...we had a blast, but I left with a HUGE bruise on my shin, and BUTTOCKS from crashing into some major rocks!

Claire and her BFF Anna! These two girls have been through some major life buds for many years. Now they don't see each other as often because Claire moved schools. We love her like our own!

Headed to the pool for one last swim before Becky and Rosey leave!

Absolute joy right here folks! Heart full of joy watching these two guys swim all by themselves. 

Talking to each other about sharing some goldfish....*sigh* LIFE is so simple!

The worst part of Becky and Rosey visiting is saying good bye:-(

BUT.....the BEST part of saying good by this time, is waiting a few more months until ......

Needless to say, we are all very ecstatic about their decision to move back to Alabama. One thing for sure I know, the more life I live, the more I realize that sharing "life" together with your family is what it's all about! Watching my children grow up with grandparents that are involved in their lives, fills my heart with such happiness. I have many friends who have already said good bye to one or both parents, leaving their children without grandparents. I am so grateful for all the moments, memories and treasured time my children have had with their grandparents.

Becky and Rosey....We love you and miss you to the millions and more! Can't wait to have yall down the road instead of half way across the country!

And by the way, every single time the boys see an airplane, or a big 18 wheeler, they say, "Look Mommy, it is Becky and Rosey, let me go catch them!"

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