John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Easter Celebration!

Jenna makes me SMILE! This was her "Easter egg" she designed all by herself. We have been singing John 13:34 all week. Today at church that was the same scripture we had been singing all week. She thought it was "really neat" how her teacher used that scripture in Sunday school today and we had been focusing on that particular one all week already. 

The TN!!!

this picture doesn't justly indicate the over-joyed little boy standing beside the "Bunny"
I will always remember how incredibly thrilled James was to see the "Dressed up Bunny Lady"
Prior to this trip James had been dressing up like  a bunny for weeks. Lol

Ellie's best buddy....Nora!
This young lady is a beautiful friend for my Ellie Bug. They have a special friendship and we adore their family. Godly, loving, supportive friends just doing life together. 

We walked up a BIG ole hill and place a HUGE rock (represented our burdens) at the cross. It was super cool. We prayed. Worshiped. AT THE CROSS. I lovvvveeeed this part of our visit. 

Treasured memories for our family....
We had such a fun, sweet day celebrating Easter with special friends. This will definitely be one of the "family weekends" we will remember for many years to come. 
Thankful to the Wynn/Dawson family for inviting us. 

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