John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Destin Family Vacation 2014

Destin Beach Trip 2014
A thousand memories to pack away in and revisit throughout the years. I absolutely love this week each year. It seems as though we always "remember when" all the way down , but also start new "let's do this" next time...
Making memories and keeping traditions.....

they loved their room this time
two bunks with full size beds on bottom
and their own flat screen tv

all day long baby...
Becky never tells them no!

This time will always be cherished. The older I get, the more I truly realized how fleeting time it. Sun comes up and sun goes down and in the blink of an eye.....we have moved on. To the next day, phase, season, stage. Oh how bitter sweet life it. Thank you Lord God for allowing all these moments and beautiful opportunities to build this family and create in us all that you have. I am so humbled and honored. 

James and his "snow cone"...aka sand cup!

Oh this was priceless. Our sweet Rosey jumping waves in the boat!

Whoa Baby!

Can I please take this one home with me. Oh goodness. What a cutie patootie!

One day she will look back and think "I had more muscle than my mom and dad!" #competitivegymnast

I love this man. My crazy dad. We had such a wonderful time. So many memories of the beach with him as a little girl. Watching him play with my little girls in the ocean and the waves....such a gift. 

Yea, you know this kind of laugh can only come from playing in the ocean with Becky...that deep take your breathe away belly laughing...SO FUN!!!

I could have never foreseen having this special woman a part of my life many, many years ago. Having her a part of my life, and actively investing in the lives of my children,  has been such a gift, such a beautiful gift.. in many ways.  

Seriously....anything cuter than three handsome dudes watching the sunset with....

This one right here is a special one. She made me a momma first...but also made me  a "momma of a teenager" first as well....LOL. I am truly thankful though for our relationship. We have grown in love and maturity together. Through much prayer and help from our Lord God we continue to learn how to love one another well through the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit. We have a special bond for sure. She needs me and I need her. Like salt and pepper baby!!! 


Thank You LORD!

Oh my Honey Love....I couldn't imagine doing this crazy thing called "life" without him. It is a true privilege to be his wife. We have been through so much together, yet God has sustained our marriage, our friendship....I pray daily for our relationship, for God's presence to abound in each of us so we are able to take care of one another physically, emotionally and encourage one another spiritually. I have learned a lot in my 15 years of marriage. It is tough, yeah, but it is the most beautiful relationship God graciously gives to us, this side of Heaven. And so many folks abuse and misuse this relationship for what it was originally designed for. This man isn't perfect and neither am I, but we have a Savior who was and still is today, and I believe if keep Him centered in our lives, we orbit Him more, less of ourselves, than we grow in our relationships with one another and love well.  

Yes, I have these three beautiful daughters to raise into women...

Little bike riding date to TCBY

Why yes, I think I will have a lil snack in the hot tube. Thanks Mom!

Such a WONDERFUL time, an absolute WONDERFUL time together as a family. 

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