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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day Rob Pate

Happy Father's Day to this man right here. I vividly remember the day he became a father. Seems like yesterday. We were so young, so clueless as to how to parent children. Today, I look at this guy and I am overwhelmed with a graciousness that is hard to describe. Rob has such  a tender heart, patient spirit, humbled attitude when it comes to shepherding his children. All of our children adore their daddy, and he has a unique bond with each of them. I am honored that he is their "daddy" and my partner in raising them.
Lord Jesus I thank  you for this precious man and I
 pray that you continue to guide and protect and prosper
 Rob's relationships with his children. Amen. 

Jenna made a HUGE decision a few weeks prior to this moment to have Jesus be her Savior. This day, she stood up and waked down the isle to tell Adam that she wanted to be baptized....I won't ever forget her enthusiasm and true boldness, when Pastor Adam said "If anyone wants to come forward I will be down here to pray with you".....The girl took off, straight down the isle. What better of a way to spend Father's Day!!!!

Daddy and his Fab Five!

Oh this man. I am so proud he is MY dad! and So very thankful for all the years of love and grace he has given to me. The way he has taught me, cared for me, comforted me, supported me, advised me, ....the list goes on and on. I don't take any of it for granted. I realize the gift Mose Howa is and thank God often for relationship I have with my dad. 

Ellie...oh goodness...this girl. She makes me laugh. Actually, she makes us all laugh..

"Mommy, are you getting in with us?"....
"No guys, Mommy just gets in the clear, clean, clorine treated swimming pool!"

One of my FAVORITE pics. 

this is just priceless....

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