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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Miracle Babies Monitored!

I have officially been in the hospital on "monitoring" status for 24 hours now. Wow! It feels like weeks. We are praying for a LONG stay because that would be the best for the babies. Dr. Gonzalez came by to visit this morning. He said we would look at the babies on ultrasound hopefully tomorrow, Wednesday. My precious grandparents were here for a visit and we just happen to be discussing God's miracle He is working through us with these precious, rare babies. I of course made mention to all standing around how thankful I was that God channeled me to Dr. Gonzalez and what a "miracle" he was in monitoring these babies. His exact words were, "I am nothing special, just an instrument of God." He then said, "I don't know how people can not believe in God who work around here, because miracles do happen, and I see them happen." He is speaking of our miracles. We of course still have the "chance" of losing them, but Dr. Gonzalez has already said, "Look how far these babies have already come." Can I just say how comforting it is to have a doctor who is extremely knowledgeable, yes, but also who is open about his Faith in God and credits HIM for the good work he is able to do. Amen to those prayers of "send me to the right people to guide us in this pregnancy". I feel completely sure of the decision we made to come to Brookwood.

So far, the monitoring hasn't been too terrible. I enjoy listening to two precious heartbeats throughout my day. I will have more updates tomorrow after our ultrasound hopefully.

Keep praying for GROWING, SAFE babies. I am so thankful to have so many people praying for our miracle babies.


Aimee said...

Thanks be to God! That is all I can say. We will continue to pray that HIS will be done. You stay strong and positive. We love you!

Christopher, Aimee, Braylin & Harper

Katy said...

You are definitely in our prayers over here. It's so wonderful that you have such a faithful, supportive doctor and a great team of people to take care of you at Brookwood. It was great to see you today. I wish we could have stayed longer. We are here for anything you need!!! We love you,
Katy, Phillip, and Sam

Amy said...

It was so good to see you today. I enjoyed getting to talk to you and spend time with you. Life gets so busy sometimes that you forget what it is like to have lifelong friends. I am praying for you. I hope all continues to go well. I will call you later.
Love you, Amy