John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Sunday, December 19, 2010


We celebrated the boys' 2nd birthday today. It was a wonderful celebration with family and friends. We enjoyed a super great birthday party at Legacy Gymnastics (which by the way, anybody in the Hoover/Pelham area needing a remarkable place for a birthday party, but don't want to pay 300$ for a pump it up party, you should book your party at from ages 2-10 played for 2 hours and had such an awesome time)...everyone had a blast. Running and jumping into foam pits and flying off of the trampoline track, climbing ropes and sliding was crazy fun. The highlights are above... pictures tell all...The boys loved their cookie cake and gifts from our family and friends.

I won't ever live through their birthday (even with all the giggles, screaming, laughing, playing, cake and ice cream) and not reminisce on the day their were born and how fearful I was for their lives and future. I will never forget the emotion. I can close my eyes and remember it so freshly. I still see the bright lights and smell the hand sanitizer of the NICU. I can remember the sounds of each beeping machine and what each red light, green light and yellow light signified. I have visual memory I will NEVER forget. As I watched them run around playing, laughing, enjoying their 'birthday' with all the folks that prayed so hard for their existence, I stood in awe and I have said many time before, God didn't have to spare their lives, he didn't do it for me or Rob or anyone in our family...He did it for HIS glory and we thank Him for His miracle....then, now and forever.

Happy Birthday sweet Miracle Boys...You are growing up so fast.

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Catie said...

Happy Birthday James and John David!! I am glad the day was so much fun! Dana, your little men are truly a celebration of the glory of God!