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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tis the Season for.....BAPTISM!

December 19th was special day for sure. Claire Bear was baptised in our home church, Double Oak Community Church in Birmingham, AL. It was a glorious day and we felt so blessed to have our family there with us. The first thing Claire said to me the day she realized my dad (aka Becky) and stepmom (aka Rosey) would be here was, "OH my gosh, Mommy, Becky and Rosey get to be here to see me get baptized!" For those of you who don't know, my dad and stepmom live in Utah and only are able to visit the kids a few times a year, which makes the visits extra special and memorable when big things being baptised! It was so special to be surrounded by our family. Claire wrote down all the people who were there to be a part of her baptism in her Bible....I told Claire that morning, "Remember it all sweetheart, cause the memories of this day will remain with you forever!" and she said, "I will remember you telling me that and your breathe smelling like coffee!!"

What a precious day in our lives. To see your first born (first of five children) receive baptism completely fills your heart with such joy. I am so grateful for the relationship Claire is building with our Savior. I thank GOd for the people in her life that support her in a Christian walk.

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