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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Claire Bear turns 11!

Birthday Girl....She is so beautiful...inside and outside. I couldn't be prouder of the young woman she is becoming. 

Wow...seems like yesterday. 

They all ran into the kitchen when they heard Claire's voice, and started shouting "Happy Birthday!"...It was a precious moment. Very genuine love for their big sister on her birthday!

Opening her birthday mail from Becky and Rosey. She said, "I really miss them!"...

Capuccinno Snowbiz for  her birthday treat!

Going to get nails and toes done with Nana...tradition!

Surprise swim party for Claire...

Sweet, precious friends. Leah and Riley...

Ice cream brownie fudge, birthday cake, oreo, and moose tracks...YUM

opening her gifts...Leah gave her a big box of balloons with MONEY, so she had to pop each individual balloon....SO funny watching her figure that one out!

Mamaw and Papa

Great grandparents, Papaw and Nanny 

I really can't believe she is almost as tall as I am ....

Happy kids...:-)...and grandparents:-)

Sam's savage face! (James Daniel taught him a "savage face")

Jenna and Uncle Phillip playing in the pool!

Rob and Sia....Leah's brother (these two have bonded over slam dunks in the pool together this summer:-)))))

Vegging out with Ipads, Ipods and cell phones....**sigh**

Your name means "bright" and my life is just that because of you. Words could never express how much I truly love you. "More than ever, no matter what"...
Good Night my precious Claire Bear. 

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