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Monday, June 17, 2013

Ellie's Baptism

So many moments we remember while raising our children. None compare thought to the moment your child receives their salvation through the believing and accepting of Jesus Christ. It sounds so cliche nowadays, but truly it is a moment of sweet surrender. Ellie has been very inquisitive over the last 6 months about her faith. Asking lots of questions. Even some that I had to give the "let's go ask Daddy that one"...Lol... As she worked through months of wondering and questions, she eventually had her moment. It is a moments we can't plan for them. I knew it was coming but just didn't know when or where. Of course when the Holy Spirit speaks, you listen.

 Rob and I were actually discussing an issue we were having with our oldest daughter. It was late into the evening. Everyone was already sound asleep.. Ellie was getting out of the shower and she rushed down dripping water everywhere. She rounded the corner kind of abruptly and said, "I need to talk to right now if that is okay..." She teared up and said, "I need to tell you something. I have been thinking and tonight I just know I am ready to get baptised...I am ready to do it and just know I want to." Rob said, "Okay, let's talk about it." as I (of course) began to cry myself.

Hearing your child come to a place in their life of accepting their salvation in Jesus has to be the greatest moment other than their physical birth. It truly is the best Momma moment, to know they have found their belief and acceptance in the gift of salvation. My children have 70 scripture verses memorized, and I can teach them all day about Jesus. One thing I can't do, however, is force them into their own salvation. Seeing the pieces line up for Ellie and watching her go through it all was a beautiful gift for Rob and me. I am thankful that on April 21, 2013....8 years from the day of her Earthly birth, she was born again...into her spiritual birth! Like she told Pastor Adam when he met with her prior to the baptism, "I know that I will go under the water and it is just a picture of how Jesus washes the sin parts of me and my life and makes me clean through God's eyes when He looks at me through Jesus....that is what Jesus did for me when He chose to die for me"

April 21, 2013

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