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Monday, June 17, 2013

Becky and Rosey...FINALLY moved to Alabama!

We are completely thrilled to finally have my dad and stepmom living here in Alabama with us. They have always had to enjoy moments with our family on two vacation trips a year...and A LOT of face time throughout the remaining parts of the year. They decided to move to Alabama and now have more than enough opportunity to enjoy family time with us as we all watch these Lil Sprouts grow up. The kids are truly excited to have them here and we are grateful to have them a part of our daily lives as well. Family truly is more important than much else in life...aside from our relationship with the one true King and our work for His Kingdom, spending time and investing in each others' lives as a family is a true gift....I choose not to take it for granted. I count it as a gift each day I am afforded to spend it with them.

Here are a few pics with "Becky and Rosey" as they have moved back to Alabama!

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Jeni Lynn Monroe said...

I wanted to introduce myself, say hello and thank you so vey much for this blog. I am the proud momma of 5 beautiful children and wife to an amazing man. In April, to our surprise we found out we were pregnant again just when we thought we were totally done. Just before Mother's Day I got the news that we were having twins. On June 17th I was told that our babies are momo twins. Sadly our doctor dropped the ball and didn't explain much to us about what this meant. Making matters worse we don't have any real support through this terrifing journey we're on right now. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this blog. It gives me great hope and some peace to know the story of another mom who dealt with this devasting news and came out on top. Thank you again Dana!!!