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Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Ellie Bug!

Headed down the the Loveliest Village on the Plains! 

Snack time! BOOM CHICKA POP!

Toomer's Corner!

We have several pics at this sad that this will be the last one with the Toomer's tree:-(

Lots of memories here at this tree....thankful for them all. 

I absolutely LOVE this picture!


Niffer's pic....looking like a few little sorority girls! LOL!

Happy Birthday Ellie! YUMMY HOT FUDGE CAKE!

gifts on the car ride...she just couldn't wait!

So fun....

Making duct tape pens....

So Ellie spent her 8th birthday enjoying everything she loves. Best friends, at an Auburn game, eating out at a Niffers and playing outside till dark! She is such a unique child. We are lucky to call her our daughter. I look forward to seeing all the remarkable plans God has in store for her life.

Happy 8th Birthday Ellie Brooklyn Pate!

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