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Monday, June 22, 2009

Swimming, Birthday Party, Father's Day and Park Play!!!

Here are a few pictures of me and the kids swimming last week. This was my first attempt to take them all to the pool by myself. I must say, they surely enjoyed it, and I was surely worn out afterwards. The hardest part of it all was keeping Ellie from falling in the water with her cast, taking Ellie and Jenna to potty every 5 min (because I swear they drink half the pool water!), and taking turns putting the boys in the water. Notice I didn't mention Claire, because she is totally self sufficient at the pool now! WOW only 6 more years and I'll be able to lounge and read a book while the kids swim...hahah! It is so much work but well worth it to see the joy on my kids' faces. I am determined that our children will have a fulfilled, happy life regardless of how difficult it is and busy it is with a large family. I am thankful for all of my children and will work hard to provide for them and share all the joys of life with them.

Precious boys smiling at me before bedtime. I LOVE the time we have together snuggling before I nurse them to sleep each night.

Claire's 8th birthday party. Family and friends gathered at our neighborhood pool to celebrate with her. I can't believe my sweet Claire Bear is 8 years old. Just like all mommas, I can vividly remember the day she was born. I remember the emotions that filled us all when we saw her enter this world. I remember crying and feeling so thankful to God for His blessing upon us. Happy Birthday Claire Bear, I am so proud of the incredible young lady you are becoming.

Uncle Phillip and Cousin Sam

ALl the girls!

Claire begging to open her presents!

Daddy and both boys! Isn't that just the cutest float you've ever seen?

Daddy and James...I can definitely see the resemblence..can you?

Father's Day! IHOP breakfast and swimming ALL was such a fabulous day. After we stuffed ourselves with pancakes and eggs, we lounged (yea right, played like crazy) at our neighborhood pool all day. I thank my dear husband for being such an amazing father to our children. It is so awesome to see the bonds forming between he and each of our children. I love to watch thier excitement each afternoon when they hear the garage door open..."It's DADDY...!" They all scream in unison and then rush to meet him at the steps. I remember doing the same thing when I was a little girl. I could hear my dad's truck top out at the top of the hill above our house and I would run out to meet him in the drive way. I also remember the joy of playing in the floor with him. I remembering thinking, "My dad is so big and strong..the strongest man in the world" I am thankful my girls get to experience the same love and admiration of their father that I did with mine. It was a great Father's Day!

Playing at the park. I promised the girls I'd take them to play at the park the first day there was the slightest breeze..sure enough, this morning on our way to the gym, Ellie said, "Mommy, I think today needs to be a park day, there is a breeze!" The girls had a blast while the boys slept in their stroller under a slide in the shade. We spent about an hour and then had to leave because I couldn't tell if the kids' faces were red from sunburn or sweat!!!! Claire was at camp with a friend so she didn't make the park trip. BTW- My life is much easier when I have her to help out- she is going to be a wonderful mom one day!


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