John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Friday, June 11, 2010

18 months old!!!!

Okay...time can slow down at any point now...I just watched the video of these miracle babies back from their earlier days, and I can not believe how fast the past 18months has gone. Boy am I so thankful I took this past year off to spend with them.

They are both doing just wonderfully. I am so thankful to report good health and well-being. We visited our amazing, talented and oh so very kind pediatrician last week, Dr. Darby McElderry..we adore her. She said they were growing fine (still little and behind a bit on height and weight, only in the 10-25th percentile) But she said nothing to worry about, they don't even have to correct their gestational age anymore. She went through the 18 month check list and the boys are both doing everything they should be for typically developing 18month olds, so that great, especially since they were two and a half months early... I still want to keep them babies a little while longer, but I am afraid they are choosing to grow up instead. The "do it myself" stage is underway...boy oh boy, I am going to need some extra patience in my day for this next stage.

Here is a recent video I took before bedtime a few nights ago. I forgot to ask them to "Praise Jesus"..that is my favorite trick they do, they throw their hands into the air above their heads...and I also forgot to ask them to say "Uh Oh", but they generally say that when either of them has forcefully tossed their drinking cup onto the floor.

And just so I don't forget these special milestones later in life, here are a few "tricks" they are doing at 18 months old.
*waves bye bye and says bye bye
*knows the dog, snake, sheep sounds
*John David can find the ball in a picture book and point to it
*James can find Elmo in his picture book and point to it
*scribbles well with aqua doodle marker
*opens pantry and fridge when hungry or thirsty
*knows head, foot, nose, teeth,
*knows praise Jesus
*Can find each family member if you ask them "where's claire?"
*says, Mama, Dada, Bubbles, Ball, UhOh, Bye Bye
*answers to commands: "go get your diaper", "throw this away in the garbage", "go get your drink"
*can jump, throw a ball, climb a chair (and definitely climb stairs)
*my favorite trick is asking them to "step" into their clothes while standing and holding on to my is funny because John David is very wobbly and hangs on with a death grip so he doesn't fall over.

These boys are growing up quickly. Won't be long before we start talking "potty" time...and ooooh man, I can't wait to get them out of Kindergarten that is...hahahah!

11 months..watching the birds in the early morning...

18 months...watching the birds in the early morning...


Melany Harmon said...

Hey Dana,
Kaiser and I just watched the video of the boys made me cry because I agree with you, they are growing up way to fast. Kaiser thinks they are "so cute". Oh how I remember those days and how precious they were. I can't believe mine is four now...makes me sad.
We miss the Pate family SO much and hope we can get together sometime. Until then...prayers, hugs and blessings.

Melany, Michael and Kaiser Harmon

Melissa said...

your precious boys....I so loved watching this video!! They are doing so much now dana---I would never look at them and think they were born "two months early." Your love, attention, and time spent with them has paid off and the fruit of your work is evident in all the milestones they are conquering!! Praise Jesus...couldn't be a better thing to say;-)