John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Well folks..the time has arrived! These miracle babies are now officially going to BIG BOY SCHOOL! I am returning back to work in August so I thought a little transition time this summer would be beneficial to them. Of course we LIVE at the YMCA (if not the ball park..heheh) so they are very well adjusted with being away from home, the bigger issue would be "sleeping" away from home.

They understand the word "play" so as soon as I pulled into Learning By Design I started saying, "Let's go play, who wants to go play, James is going to play, here we go John David to play, Mommy is going to play, yay for play!!!" It worked wonderfully, they both WALKED in holding my hands and did great. NO tears...not even from me!

The only issue from 9-2 was nap. Lee called me to ask if they had a special blanket or paci to help them nap. Of course I told her NO, they had a boob for 18 months! So the nap routine at home is go to bed and close the door..DON'T OPEN THE DOOR until nap time is over! So I suggested to do that and let them scream it out. Sounds harsh, but it works. So, she said they WERE NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT and screamed with rage for a little bit but then "figured it out" and went to sleep!

Boy are we so blessed to have the childcare situation we have. Lee Folge kept Jenna in her home (along with other teachers' children) for several years. But now Lee has opened up an incredible childcare facility next door to our schools...AWESOME. She has her same ladies that helped her from her home as well as some new amazing gals.

The boys did great on their first day, Mommy LOVED her special 5 hours in her classroom (have my room ready to go other than my desk and a few filing cabinets) and all in all it was a lovely day.

#1 question I get on a daily basis is...."Are you really going back to work??!!" and the answer is...."Y-E-S!!"

I have stated before (somewhere, here or facebook one) that happiness and contentment with your life doesn't come from staying home or working a career. I have Christ as my center wheel and everything else spins from it. I can't imagine how hard it will be to prepare for work, school for five kids and keep balance in my home (not that it has ever been easy since the miracle babies arrived), but I don't doubt I will figure it out with my super source of strength..MY GOD, after all HE is where I draw my strength from.

Gratefully, I have an amazing husband, one in which I am so proud to call my partner, Pate Family teammate, true bestfriend in the entire world; and the ship would sink if we didn't work so well together.

Yall pray for us as we approach August...LET THE NEW JOURNEY BEGIN!


The Taylors said...

Giggling over the fact that you said, "No...they had a boob for 18 months!" Hilarious. Good luck heading back to school. I know your little ones must have missed such a wonderful girl!

Trina said...

Aw, YEA for Big Boy School!!! I think the boob for 18 months comment was priceless.

I left you something on my blog. :)

Avery Tales said...

So this blog world is one small place. It turns out that your boys are at my Dad's daycare! Yes, that's right, my Dad (aka: Pawpaw or Mr. Wrendon) owns Learning by Design and J.K. was there up until Chelsea was born. I knew that they had two new twin boys, but had no idea they were YOUR twins! It's a small, small world!! I hope they're doing well at LBD.