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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day...a day to celebrate three amazing men!

A Father's Hand...

is an amazing thing...

Father's everywhere today are being celebrated. Those who are with us and those who are no longer here on this Earth. I celebrate the lives of three amazing men today in my life.

My dad is a man of amazing love. He has such a compassionate heart. From the early days when I was a little girl, one thing I always remember my dad most for was the love he had for his children. Not only a great love for his children, but my dad works harder than most anybody I know. I am grateful for the work ethic my dad has always possessed a work ethic to be admired by all who know him. I am so thankful he instilled that work ehtic and drive to never give up in me at such a young age. One thing I have always known throughout my entire life, is the love my dad has for me. There is no question whether my dad would go to the ends of the Earth for me, or do anything for me, and that is an amazing feeling. He has always sacrificed immensely for my needs and desires, and that is something that I don't take for granted. I have so many memories of my dad through the years, from working with him in a strip mine, ,to watching him bury my first dog and then hold me in his recliner as my heart broke, to waiting up for him really late at night when he would work 15 hr days just to give him his two bologna sandwiches I made for him, to the countless hours of jumping waves in a raft together at the beach, to flipping hamburgers with him when he owned a restaurant, to the day he gave me away to the most amazing husband God could have ever designed for memories of my dad are priceless and I thank God for the wealth of love we have for each other.

My father-in-law is more to me than just a "father-in-law". He has been a constant in my life for nearly 17 years. I am 31 for those of you who are doing the math..haha! Mike Pate has an answer for just about anything I can think of to ask him. He has advice for every situation or circumstance we have ever been in. He has a love for me that is more than just a "daughter-in-law" relationship and I thank him for it. I am most proud to call him my father-in-law because of the wonderful man of God he is. His sacrifice and love for his family is completely selfless. He has taught me through his example of sacrifice and love for his family, that in the day's end, having family and love to share is more valuable than the worldly stuff so many seek after. I am deeply thankful for him.

And lastly, My husband, the father of my children....what an incredible man he is. A man of such integrity. He is so valued in our family. My girls look at him to fix any problem, from the tangled hair of a barbie doll to the delicate art of scaring away monsters..especially "rock eater"..haha! Not only does he have girls to look up to him to solve all the world's problems, he now has two sons to follow in his unique footsteps. My husband has always been a great dad to our children, with our first born, he was good, with our second born, he was even better, with our third born, he was what I consider the best, but with the addition of our boys, he is at stellar level! I am so proud to call him my husband and the father of my children. I realize how blessed our family is to have him lead us daily in the way God desires a family to be led. I thank my Heavenly Father every single day for the relationship He has ingrained between Rob and I and our children. Rob Pate, you are truly amazing in your ways of fathering our children. I commend you on your efforts to support us, love us, comfort us, entertain us, guide us, and share yourself with us. I am so thankful that you are a man who loves his family above all else this Earth offers. Spending time with us, instead of countless hours golfing, racing, fishing, sporting events, etc. means so much me. The bonds being formed between you and our precious little ones will remain forever.

Happy Father's Day to three wonderful men, who have all touched my life in many unforgettable ways. I pray God bless you each as you deserve a special blessing just for simply being who you are.

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Melissa said...

Amen, Amen, Amen!!!!! Such a beautiful post Dana~ this needs to be added to your "blog book." Your kids will cherish this for years to come. What a blessed woman you are!!! xo xo