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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Claire Bear!

What a birthday celebration this girl had. My goodness, when I turned 9, I remember a cake and a dance party at my house with my favorite few buddies. This girl had a birthday week..hahaha! Here are the pics from Claire's 9th birhtday (I can't believe I have a 9 year old...and I also can't believe she is not in her room, playing tea party with her stuffed animals while I fill up her sippy cup....SO SAD!

BUT, I LOVE our new relationship taking form each day. She is becoming such an amazing young lady. I am so proud of her compassionate heart and responsible nature (most of the time), and more than anything her love and desire to be pleasing to God in all she does...with a little encouraging from MOMMY of course..haha!

Claire receiving her birthday gift from Becky and Rosey (my dad and stepmom)...even though later that night, after the excitement settled, she told me of all the money she got, her wish would be to visit Utah again and see Becky and Rosey.

Spending the night at Ross Bridge with her bestfriend, Anna Templin. Such a special relationship they have. And believe it or not, I was thrilled to spend the evening and night at a Spa Resort for half the price it would cost to have a "birthday party"...her choice and I thought it was a great one!

Family Dinner at Shonos...Claire LOVES this place. It is located in Hoover next to Hobby Lobby. Mamaw and Papa, Nana and Uncle Phillip and Cousin Sam joined us.

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