John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yearly Developmental Evals..

I like this picture because as different as I think the boys look, in this picture I am not real sure who is who...and it is funny that both are clawing to get down..we were at the Barons game.

This is Ms. Brie, from the Shelby Arc..our wonderful Early Intervention Services. Brie has been visiting the boys each month since last summer. We will miss her so much as she moves on to her internship. John David didn't want to be in the picture so James is smiling for both boys..:-)

Mommy and John David playing at a "play place" indoors because it was only 102 degrees that day...

Book time..before bed time..I LOVE this time. Watching my children look and books makes me so so so very happy...

Yes, John David is driving a pink and purple bike...and LOVIN it...look at that smile...

I know, I have been extremely behind updating this blog. Truth of the matter, is that I am approaching the time in which updating this blog will be pushed further and further down on my list of "to do's"..I am returning to teaching full time in about two weeks. Our family is busy already, busier than I could have ever played out in my mind..but busy is about to turn into total madness, crazy, nutso busy when I am working FULL TIME during the day AWAY FROM is going to be quite the adjustment, but I truly believe it will be the best for our family. Now that the boys are approaching 2 years old, I need to return to the job I love just as much as they need to "go to school"... I am grateful from above to have Lee Fogle (Learning By Design) to send our precious boys to for school this year. Jenna will also return to "Lee Lee's" as she calls it, and I am sure of one thing, they will be LOVED and nurtured, cared for and educated on a daily basis. The level of peer learning, and guided instruction the boys will receive from their school will only help them to continue to develop and mature as they should be doing. I am just so thankful to have the opportunity for them to attend there.

Recently we had our friends from Shelby Arc (Early Intervention) complete a yearly evaluation on the boys. Thankfully the boys are growing and developing without any major concerns. They are both still a little behind on fine motor skills, but cognitively are right on track if not a little ahead in some areas. Watching them learn daily is such a blessing. We are beyond thankful for the little things....kicking a ball, running to the fridge for "mulk", opening the pantry door for a snack, pointing to pictures in books, trying to put on their sisters' shoes, puckering up for kisses...I could go on and on. Our therapist from the Shelby Arc that visit once a month to check on the boys' development and offer suggestions to help them advance, reported that the boys were doing wonderful. They will send me a detailed report later, but for our visit, they suggested we wait a while before doing a speech evaluation. Thus far, they seem to be fine in their speech and language development. So the focus for them right now is fine motor skills, and I am planning our mini mite boot camp to begin real soon...hahaha, j/k:-)

Here are a few new tricks I don't want to forget...

First phrase from John David..he was pointing under the bed and I kept saying "use your words, tell me what you need"..he looks at me and says "uh oh, ball, momma"...I just about cried..

John David named Claire "Wa Wa"...not sure how he came up with that one, but they call her by name all the time and it is distinctively "Wa Wa"...I will post video soon of their new words.

Saying "mainbow" for rainbow when we look at our Jesus book every single morning...I consider this their devotional time. I point out the "birds", "rainbow", "baby Jesus", "Angel", and "snake"..they can find them all.

Both boys LOVE brushing their teeth so each night as we go "night night"..all five kids and Mommy AND Daddy trott upstairs for bedtime routine, the boys start saying Ahhhh with mouthes wide open all the way to the bathroom sink...

Catching and throwing balls...James can catch better, John David can throw is funny to watch them cause John David can really chunk a ball and James can really catch the ball...hummmm...

The computer reminds them of three special people...Elmo and BECKY/ROSEY...when John David sees the computer he starts grunting saying, "Melmo" or "RO-RO and BECK BECK"...super sweet to see them point to the computer and say Ro Ro and Beck Beck..

Every time we pull into the garage both boys start pointing to the pink powerwheels mustang that the girls drive them around in... John David says, "uh, momma ride"

Oh yeah, and one very funny observation we have we drive by the YMCA, they point out the window and start fussing if we continue to drive on and not pull into the parking lot. Too funny...they LOVE to play at the Y! RIDICULOUS!!!

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