John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just don't want to foget...

Here is my post on some simple things my baby (BIG) boys are doing that I just don't want to forget. Seeing that I don't have a baby book for them, just this blog, I am making a list.

19 months old next week...WOW..slow down time, slow down:(

*Climbing furniture- this is cute because I had three girls that DID NOT do this...
*Pointing to pictures in a book when asked to find something- a little behind here, but that is okay. The girls (which I know, I know, girls are different and they weren't extremely premature), but they did this at 12 months!
*Spiderman PJ's- LOVE their Spiderman PJ's
*Holding hands walking wherever we go!
*John David is playing cars...making car noises as he pushes cars around
*Both boys are figuring out how to put BIG chunky puzzle pieces together...not very good at it, but starting to figure how to find where it goes.
*Jumping, Spinning, Running, Sit-Down when told to do so..cute to watch them spin, cause they laugh!
*Commands they follow through with: "Go get your diaper", "Go find Daddy", "Where is brother?", "Can I have a kiss", "Where is your head, ear, eyes, belly, feet, PENGUIN..hahaha", "Can you close the door", "Throw the ball", "Where is your drink" (they run to the fridge)
*Everytime they see a tan truck or van, they both point and say "Mamaw"..
*When they ask for more of something, they sign it with their hands, but now they do it with their finger tips instead of clapping..(FINE MOTOR SKILL..YAY!)
*Swimming in the baby pool WITHOUT falling over...couldn't do that in May...
*But my all time favorite right now, is James saying "no" while John David shakes his head "no" when you ask them if they want to do something that requires NO for an answer...I will post video soon. It is hysterical...they do it at the same time...
*Walks to the computer and says, "Ro-Ro" (for Rosie, because we talk to my dad and stepmom on the computer quite a bit)
*Oh yeah, and hearing "Ma Ma" ALL DAY long is precious too...tiring, but precious.
*Spoken words right now: MA MA, DA DA, BALL, UH-OH, WHOA, BUBBLE, PA-PA, BECK BECK, RO-RO, NANA

My last 2 thoughts for this post, is to ask you all to remember a sweet girl named, Amber Moore. I feel ashamed I never posted about her on my prayer request list. But she has dealt with loss of pregnancy and baby three times now. She is childless, hopeless, hurting and beyond word description of devastated. She delivered Shiloh Hope a few days ago, at 22 weeks.

A dear friend named Carrie Collins (went to college together) is also healing from her precious little girl Charlie that she delivered stillbirth a couple of weeks ago. Carrie is my age, her husband has battled cancer (and WON! Praise God), she has two healthy, beautiful daughters, but recently has lost two babies. Doctor's think she may have a clotting disorder responsible for the losses. We all know God is creator and taker of life. It hurts me so to see my friend go through this pain. Please say a prayer for her and ask God for healing in her life.


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