John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Memory Lane...

Camping out with Dad...well not really all night camping out, just playing all day in a tent that took dad half a day to put up...hahah:)Precoius memories though.

Shaking up his Ensure drink...hahah...they love it, call it their muktake(milkshake)...

Here are the Korean missionary choir children who visited our church and spent one night with us. The girls absolutely LOVED having them stay. Ellie is ready to pack her bags and go to Korea. I was astounded at the genuine love and compassion the girls showed for one another.

One reason I still try to keep up with this blog is to simply keep up to date with the memories we share in our family. I don't have near the time I use to when I stayed home, to update the blog, but I don't want to lose touch with it completely, so here is a quick update:

The first memory I need to document, I don't have a picture of (unfortunately) but it would be that of John David as he took his last swig of the Motrin bottle of medicine last Saturday evening. No, I am not kidding, John David drank about 3/4 bottle of Children's Motrin last Saturday evening. Of course when I caught him, and said, "WHAT DO YOU HAVE!?!?!"....he shouted, "No Mommy, I nack (aka snack)". Of course we called poison control and they explained that he would be fine....ONLY because he took 1000mg of Motrin and not 4000....AHHHHHHH, in case you are wondering, the recommended dosage is 100mg! SO he had 10 times the recommended amount. Let's just say JD was pain free for the night!

Next, the boys ....they have become very sneaky. John David seems to be the more deceitful one at the moment, but James is right there with him most of the times. A few nights ago I was in the kitchen cooking supper when I heard, "No Bubby, NO" And as I turned the corner of the kitchen, this is what I found....

So other than a bottle of Motrin and destroying my living room behind my back, it has been a pretty laid back week here at the Pate house. We are counting down the days until Becky and Rosey come to visit. Both middle girls will have birthdays next month and Mommy is scheduled to run the Boston Marathon April 18th...just a little bit freaked out about that, but really excited as well.

I would gladly take any extra prayers out there for my health and safety (and the same for my family) as we approach the month of April.

Other than the normal chaos of everyday (which really is a blessing), not much else is going on with us.

We are excited to finally be at Spring Break now, and have a full week planned...full of loving on each other, playing outside, visiting Jesse's Place (tradition during Spring Break), baking in the kitchen, watching favorite movies, building forts in the kitchen with bed know, the good ole wholesome kind of fun that doesn't cost money and actually teaches kids valuable life lessons.

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Anonymous said...

glad to hear and see things are going well...aren't boys sometimes so much different than girls. where they do they get these crazy ideas of what "play" is?
i love the tent!

my friends and i make definitions up to these word verification word is comal: a temporary, but all day coma that is brought on by drinking half a bottle of motrin! :)