John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Days continued...

Mr. Mac puppet man show. Library free activity for lil brothers who have big sisters in VBS!

Sweet friends. VBS week!

Love these two!

A moment I wanted to freeze. John David was the only one awake. I just finished my quiet time. He crawled up in my lap.  He said, "Thank you  Mommy for being my  mommy, I love you so so much, you are my friend".....melts my heart when he does that in the morning. 

The other precious son. On the patio with me reading story books. 

Just wonder what he is thinking....

Library again for the singing puppet man!!

I laughed OUT LOUD when she wandered up with the penguin puppet. For those of you who know the penguin completely cracks me up. And totally confuses the boys when she says, "Look at my penguin Mommy!"...Lol!

Meet Diego everyone.
 I asked him why he had a purse around his neck and he kindly replied, "It isn't a purse mommy, it is my rescue pack, because I am Diego!"

Sweet friends and fun in the sun!

Making the most amazing brownies for Mamaw's birthday treat!

Cookie dough on the bottom, Double stuff Oreo center layer, and topped with chocolate chunk brownie. 

Happy Birthday Mamaw!

Playing Taboo with fun friends. 

Wheels....Go Wheels Go! 10U ALL STARS

no caption...just precious...

Shopping with Mommy. Bath and Body Works had a 2$ sale on lotion. They were so happy to pick a bottle of lotion for Mommy and then dance with the children on the sidewalk. James kept asking me when they were going to "come be alive with him?"

Lebanese bread for snack...YUM! Thanks Becky and Rosey for stocking us up on your last visit!

Everyone chose a soft drink from the General store down the street. Mt. Laurel Grocery. 

Telling nap time story on the patio because I was so tired I didn't want to walk up stairs. 

Father's Day ABC book from Claire and Ellie

Happy Father's Day

Ball park...Liberty Park Area Tournament

Father's Day picture outside of our church. I love this man  who sets such a beautiful example for my children. They learn valuable life lessons from him all the time,  but more than anything, they see the selfless love of Christ in his daily walk of life and that means the world to me.

James Daniel Sr. and the grandson James Daniel! 

Best buds swimming together....Monday!

More Best buds swimming together....Tuesday!

And yet again, more Best buds swimming together....Wednesday!

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