John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer continues....more ballpark, swimming, and playing with family and friends. We are ever so grateful for the simple blessings in life that allow us to make these memories and enjoy one another. Even on the bad days, I usually reflect back and savor all the moments because I know the time is fleeting. One day all I will have are memories. I am thankful to my Lord for the beautiful blessing of "family"....

Jenna snuggling with Ms. Shelly at the ballpark

Ellie always in the mood for a silly face...James "not now mommy"

So proud of her baby

Beautiful friends...Claire and Leah with "the doubles"...

CRAZY girls...with their candy spray! (Hannah Grace's mom and I grew up together and now we have daughters growing up together as well...)

 Go Warriors!!!
Does she look happy? hot? embarassed? or all three????

Jenna smiling because Nana and Howard take her to the concession stand  each time they visit!


I could eat em up!


These two have bonded over the ballpark dirt this summer...such sweet friends!

our Warriors team with the siblings!

Proud brothers....with the trophy that is as tall as they are!

Team Party...Claire and Haley (Haley's mom and I grew up together, cheered together and now have two daughters growing up together....pretty cool!")

Kona Ice...YUMM

She was bored one day and asked me if she could have a lemonade stand....ummmm, she did all this completely by herself...and was SO happy to sit in the blazing sun waiting on just ONE person to show up. She even said, "I am going to have a buy a lemonade and get a pack of gummies for free sale at 6:00 when people are on their way home from work!"

Said she was using her earnings to buy lamps and  pillows at the Thrift store to decorate like Pinterest  for her  new bedroom!

And the siblings have arrived....drinking the rest of the lemonade..!

Library, singer, Eric Luwin "Pete the Cat"...they LOVED it!

She said she wanted to sing books on stage one day, wear a pretty dress and have stuffed animals for  her friends to take home!

Gymnastics....and cousin Sam got to hang out with us for the day!

Pretty much all we do all day when it is 100 degrees outside!

Snow BIZ!

Target...the red bag of magic....1$ popcorn keeps everyone very quiet while I RUN up and down isles grabbing what I can before 5 lil kids unwind....

Playdate with sweet friend, Mia

James and Sam acting natural...HA!

yet again...

who is this? I thought she was just a 11 year old....11 going on 21 !

Reading before bedtime...

Miss sassy frass gonig to the General Store for her "reward"...cashing in her stars she earned for the week...AND using her own money she earned from her lemonade stand. She bought two packs of gum and sugar free candy spray!

She may not look anything like me, but she sure does ACT like me:-)

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